Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” Review

Maroon 5 is known for coming up with the most addictive music and novel ideas. The band has given us several hits like “Sugar”, “Animals” and “She Will Be Loved” in the past. Their songs are a favorite, especially among students. Personally, I am a die-hard fan of the band and try to not ever miss a Maroon 5 Concert. I love all of their songs and I can proudly say that their latest single “Girls Like You” which was released only last week, is no disappointment to fans like me. The song is a breath of fresh air and features leading ladies from across the world. The video screams “girl power” and the song is a remix of an original released by Maroon 5 itself in their album “Red Pill Blues”. What adds to the oomph of this already mesmerizing number is a rap by the latest hip-hop sensation of Hollwood, Cardi-B.

While the lyrics are impressive and the tune is a blessing to the ears, what really steals the spotlight in this case is the video of the song. It shows Adam Levine standing in the center of a well-lit room, with the camera revolving around him. The first time that the camera revolves around him, we get to catch a glimpse of all the other members of the band. However, after one full revolution, each time the camera completes a turn around Adam, a female superstar appears right behind his back, singing the song and dancing to its tune.

For those of you wondering who these female superstars are, sit back in your seat and relax while we unfold the list. It really is a long one. The first female superstar to appear in the video is Camila Cabello, a renowned recording artist and songwriter. Well, to be honest, I was expecting to see Cardi-B in the very beginning. But as the other female stars started to flock in the video, I realized why the order was such. The remaining parade of influential women that makes the video worth a watch includes actress and comedian Phoebe Robinson, Wonderwoman Gal Gadot, comedian Sarah Silverman and YouTube celebrity Superwoman Lily Singh.

Just when I began to think that the ladies featured would all be from Hollywood, I realized that I was entirely wrong. The list, in reality, is not just confined to the world of entertainment; it also boasts of popular names from other arenas like sports and business. Olympic gymnast Aly Riasman, successful entrepreneur Amani-Al-Khatahtneh and women’s rights activist Angy Rivera are also an integral part of the coveted video.

Hang on, because I’m not done yet. Hold on your breath while I reveal the names of the other stars that have been cast in the music video of “Girls Like You”. Stranger Things fame Millie Bobby Brown is next in queue and guess which female celebrity follows once Millie goes off screen? Our favorite television host of all time, Ellen DeGeneres. No, I am not kidding you. She too is a part of the video, looking as adorable as ever.

Right after Ellen disappears; Adam Levine is seen standing on the stage alone, singing his verse. Once he is done, the camera zooms out and Cardi-B appears for her brief solo. She sure is a treat to the eyes and ears as she dazzles her fans away with her bright yellow attire and peppy attitude.

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As Cardi-B wraps up with her verse, several other female stars like popstar Jennifer Lopez, Soccer player Alex Morgan, Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim appear one after the other. No, this is still not it. The next group of ladies featured in the video comprises of Beanie Feldstein from Lady Bird, Jack Fielder, car racer Danica Patrick, Ilhan Omar, model Ashley Graham, Elizabeth Banks and Rita Ora.

What’s interesting to note is that some women wear tee shirts to make a bold statement through the video. Raisman can be seen wearing a tee that reads “Always speak your truth”, as she holds hands with Levine. The gymnast also actively supports the #MeToo movement and has even testified against Dr. Larry Nassar on grounds of sexual misconduct.

The video is truly symbolic of how girls are no less than men and also speaks volumes of how powerful women are capable of bringing about a change to the world. The end of the video is heart-warming, with a clipping of Levine embracing his wife Behati Prinsloo along with daughter Gio Grace. This is when the camera pans out to display each and every inspirational woman featured in the wonderful video, standing with one another in concentric circles.


All in all, I would say that the song sent shrills down my spine as I waited in anticiptation and watched one star after the other in the video. My head was definitely spinning by the time I finished watching the video. But I cannot deny that “Girls Like You” is four and a half minutes of absolute bliss to music lovers like me. A big thumbs up for this one! I cannot wait for Maroon 5 to be out with their next single.


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