Max movie review

Max movie review

Max movie review

This movie is definitely a tug-at-your-heart kind of movie that will leave a lasting impression on how you view services dogs and dogs in general, everywhere.  :)  I think we tend to forget that dogs have feelings and emotions, just like us.

This movie is about a Belgian Shepherd named Max who is a service dog in Afghanistan.  We learn that Max’s master, a member of the Marine Corps, dies in combat.  Max’s master’s younger brother, Justin, reluctantly takes responsibility for Max; by circumstances rather than Justin’s own choice, he gets pushed in the direction of heroism.  Justin is known as a snide adolescent boy who’s becoming more rebellious against his dad, but the opportunity for Justin to be a hero comes when one of the Marines who served with his brother pursues criminal weapons transactions back in the same neighborhood where Max and Justin and Justin’s parents live. The safety of Justin’s parents depends on him and Max working together with two of Justin’s buddies to stop the criminals and save Justin’s dad.

We learn how dogs don’t always take to people, and sometimes it does take work.  But we also learn that dogs have fears and reservations, just like us.  Did you know that dogs can also acquire PTSD?  It’s true, and we still have to get them treatment just as we would with any human.

You’ll smile, you’ll cry, but in the end you’ll realize that dogs can be apart of our family and watch out for us whenever we need the to; we just have to let them.  This is definitely a great movie for all dog lovers!


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