Me Before You movie review

Me Before You movie review

Me Before You movie review

I had never read the book that Me Before You was created from, however there was so much controversy around this movie that part of me wondered if I should see it; but yet, I really wanted to!  :)  I didn’t get a chance to see it in theaters like I had wanted to, but I bought the BluRay as soon as it came out!

The movie is basically about a young and quirky girl named Louisa Clark, better known as “Lou.”  She’s the type of person that moves from one job to the next just to help her family make ends meet. She has such a cheerful attitude, and it is indeed put to the test when acquires her next job as a caregiver for a Will Traynor.  Will is known as a wealthy young banker who is left paralyzed from an accident two years earlier. Will’s personality is definitely cynical, but starts to change once Louisa arrives to help him out with day to day chores.  Oddly enough, she also shows him that life is worth living as their bond deepens.  Their lives and hearts change in ways neither one could have imagined, but is it enough?

It’s definitely a tear jerker-type of movie, but everyone needs a good cry every now and then, right?  :)  As for the controversy around the movie, to me, I didn’t take it personal.  Do I wish it would have been a different type of story, of course.  But this is a movie, it’s not real, but yet it gives us all something to think about.  Do I condone what decisions were made in the movie?  No.  Would I be able to make a decision like that in my own life?  I’m not sure for the simple fact that I wasn’t Will and do not live the life he does.

I would highly recommend watching this one.  It’s a goodie!


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