Merchants NY Café in New York City Review

When I was in New York a month ago, it was the first time I had been there since 2000 and I realized why I missed it.  I love watching people walk from here to there, while many have their dogs in tow.  :)  There’s so much to see and do as well as so many yummy places to eat.  We had a mission to see the National 9/11 Memorial and on our way there we passed what looked to be this cute, little, very New York-y café called the Merchants NY Café.  It was an indoor café, but they also had tables set up outside under an overhang sort-of looking thing.  It caught my eye enough that after we saw the memorial and were heading back to the car, we decided to stop an have a bite to eat.

As we sat down, they immediately came around an gave each of us a freshly baked roll that was to die for.  It was simply delicious!  :)  From that point, I just knew that the meal would be just as good.  The manager was very friendly and could be seen chasing the pigeons with a spray bottle of water to keep them away from the tables (I found this completely hilarious since I am deathly afraid of birds).

Taking a look at the menu, you can definitely order anything that you would find at a typical café.  Mom and I decided to split the Turkey Burger with Fries…and I must say, it was a great choice!  The burger was HUGE and delicious.  The fries were extra crunchy and yummy.  Dad ordered the Char-broiled Burger and it was just as filling!  We all were pretty satisfied and were so glad we stopped to take NYC in for just a moment longer.

** From what I hear, this restaurant has now closed.  :(

Merchants NY Café


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