Miracles from Heaven with Jennifer Garner movie review

Miracles from Heaven with Jennifer Garner movie review

I’m not one that tends to watch these types of movies, however I had heard that it was pretty good…and I’m a pretty big fan of Ms. Garner and all that she does…so I figured…why not?  :)  The theme of Miracles from Heaven are that there are circumstances that we just can’t explain that happen.  You could look at it from a religious standpoint or even just a “things happen for a reason” standpoint.  Whatever your religious views may be, the concept of this story is rather interesting.  Now, whether I believe it or not is one thing.  This is supposed to be a true story based off of a best selling book about a family’s journey and experience.  We all know that some of these “true stories” have come to be revealed that they were only created to make money.  Again…I’m not sure how I view this particular one, but the movie did hold my interest and was an interesting concept.

The movie is based around a tree accident causing Christy Beam’s (Garner) little girl to be healed from her intestinal disease (which the movie focuses on the most).  This poor girl is rushed all over to find a cure for her disease that doesn’t allow her to eat food like the rest of us.  Her mother (Garner) basically keeps her in a bubble and doesn’t allow her to do much because of her disease and one day she decides to play with her sisters, falls INSIDE an old tree, and once she gets out her intestinal disease is cured without any explanations.

There are some random *famous* actor appearances, like Queen Latifah, that keep the movie on the lighter side because it is such a depressing story of a family that just wants answers and is having a hard time believing in God like everyone is telling them to do.  Many of their church family friends are telling them to just pray for their daughter because God will take care of her.  However Garner wants to take that proactive approach because she just can’t sit by and watch her daughter die (because that’s what was essentially happening).

Again, it’s an interesting story…pretty family friendly…but I have a hard time believing a lot of it.  It is however definitely worth the watch!


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