Mistakes People do While Printing on T-shirts

Mistakes People do While Printing on T-shirts

Now that you have started your t-shirt business, you would like to know what the common mistakes people do when it comes to printing on t-shirts. This is the only way you can try and avoid the same happening to you while you print on your t-shirts.

In case you are not able to get your print right on the t-shirts that you sell then you might turn out to lose customers. There may be first time customers but more often than not they would not return to your store to purchase more. So it is important that you choose and pick the right type of print for the t-shirts that you sell.

There are different types of prints that you can use for the t-shirts that you sell. You would have to ensure that the common mistakes which people do with them should be avoided. Let us have a look at some of the prints you have done on the t-shirts and the mistakes that you would have to avoid with them. The most used type of prints includes:

  1. Heat Transfer
  2. Screen Printing
  3. DTC or Direct to Garment Printing

Each of these printing types has its pros and cons. They also have dos and don’ts that you would have to follow so as to ensure that they turn out to be cost effective.

In case you follow the dos and don’ts reverently then you can avoid defects and loss of print quality. Let us now have a look at each of the things that you should avoid while having each type of print done on t-shirts.

Mistakes with Heat Transfer:

The process of heat transfer is relatively simple and has been in the business for quite a while. This is an easy way of transferring the artwork to the shirts by using the best heat press machines for home. When you use a commercial heat press machine you can print the pictures or graphics that you want on the t-shirts as and when you receive orders.

  1. One of common mistakes that people do is using uneven surfaces to raise the print area. Rather than doing this you can choose to use a print perfect pad which can help raise the area where you would like to print on your t-shirt. Using pillows or bits and pieces of clothes is something you should most certainly avoid.
  2. Using fabrics that melt is also a familiar mistake that people commit. This would not just spoil the fabric but also the print that you plan on having on the t-shirt.
  3. Misplacing the transfer of the print is also a mistake that can cost you. Often these cannot be sold and gets rejected as customers would not want to buy something that is damaged.
  4. Being distracted is something that happens to many people. The last thing that you would want is to be distracted while you are heat pressing.
  5. Not using the best heat transfer vinyl papers is an another mistake of this method that the users face.

Mistakes with Screen Printing:

Screen printing is one of the most cost effective methods which is used to print on t-shirts. When you choose to print a bulk order with a simple design you can choose to go for screen printing. Let us see a few common mistakes made by people while doing screen printing on t-shirts.

  1. Trying to print complex designs which should not be done with screen printing. This type of printing is only capable of getting simple designs done at affordable costs.
  2. Trying colors which are not supported by this type of printing is also something people try with no luck whatsoever.
  3. Thinking it would be cost effective they try multiple colors which invariably bring the cost higher is also something people try.

Mistakes with Direct-to-Garment or DTG:

Direct to garment printing is one of the most effective and accurate printing system that you may have to print on the t-shirt. The disadvantage though is that it is not cost effective.

At the same time it can give you some of the best pictures, graphics and slogans just the way you want it. There is not much that can go wrong with direct to garment printing.

  1. Using this method for huge orders is a mistake commonly committed by many. This should not be done as there is no price advantage which comes along with using this method of printing.
  2. Tying this type of printing for simpler designs is also something you may want to avoid. You can choose to use other cost effective methods that sticking with direct to garment printing for your t-shirts.
  3. Using blurred images or pictures to have them embedded on t-shirts is not something that you would want to do. This is because what you input is what you would get with this mode of printing.

If you are able to take all these into consideration and choose the wise mode of printing that would suit your needs it would be the best for the t-shirt. You may not want to go against instructions that are given by any means.

Often this can spoil not just the graphics, pictures or design but also the fabric as well.

You may also choose to avoid these common mistakes which people commit so as to get the best results with t-shirt printing. This can help you stand up in the business and bring up your profits at the same time as well.


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