Miter Saw – Usage and Tips

Miter Saw – Usage and Tips

Anyone from a woodworking background will swear that a miter saw is an essential tool for making all those desired cuts on your piece. A miter saw is an important carpentry tool that will allow you to make cuts at various angles. A miter saw has a blade that on a swing arm that can be moved left or right to make the angled cuts.

They are appropriate for making cuts for picture or door frames, windows etc. They come in handy for trimming, flooring, regular crosscutting and repeatable cuts.

Tips to use a Miter Saw

But in order to make sure your miter saw gives the best performance, you need to follow some basic tips. This power tool will give the desired results only when it is handled properly.

Tuning the saw

Once you bring in the saw, make sure you check the performance of the blade. You can do this by using some spare wood to get some angled cuts on it. This will help you to find out the quality and accuracy of the blade.

Angled cuts

These cuts are called ‘Miter’ cuts and hence the name Miter saw. You can fix the blade according to the degrees embedded in it and hold the wood with one hand on the board. Power on the blade and bring it down on the wood to get your angled cut.

Full speed

You need to wait for the motor to reach full speed and then bring the blade down on the wood to cut. If you start cutting before it’s in full speed, then you may damage your angle cut.

Power off

After cutting a piece of wood, make sure to power off the blade before you start cutting the next piece. This will ensure precision and accuracy for your woodwork.

Replacing blades

The saw blades with more teeth can make crisper and cleaner cuts. And those with fewer teeth make rough cuts. You can choose your blade type depending on the type of woodwork you plan to do.

Leaving a line

While cutting boards, it is always better to leave a line from your desired angle and make the cut. This enables you to make any adjustments in case of an error.

Use the brakes

This power tool is equipped with a brake so make sure to use it while cutting. Let it stop completely and then move forward with the next piece. This also helps in preventing injuries.

Size of the wood

Honestly, miter saws are not designed to cut wood pieces smaller than 8”.   You can cut wood which is longer than this length. If the piece is too small, then it can damage the surface of your workpiece.

Miter Saw stand

For operating a miter saw you would need a strong and sturdy base. These stands are specialized stands to hold the saw in place and allow you to work comfortably. They are portable, durable and easy to set up.

These stands are also packed with features such as quick release saw mounts (for fitting any model of saw), anti-sag work supports, stops for cutting stocks etc. If you are looking for a miter saw stand, read these reviews for the best ones.


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