Mocha Coconut Cappuccino recipe

Mocha Coconut Cappuccino recipe

Who doesn’t love a delicious warm cappuccino?!  I started making these just about every time I made a pitcher of coffee for my iced coffee.  Basically, I’m killing two birds with one stone, per se!  And to be honest, I really do make a mean cappuccino!  :)  This combo is one of my favorites and definitely a go-to of mine.  ENJOY!

Mocha Coconut Cappuccino

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Brew your 8 oz of coffee from strong beans; you may also just brew espresso (I tend to use Starbucks Verdana Dark Roast blend).


While your coffee is brewing, take your favorite mug and place coconut syrup at the bottom.


Next, take your frother and froth your half in half (it makes for a creamier froth).


When coffee is done brewing, pour in mug and top with frothed half and half.


Lastly, top with chocolate sauce.


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  • Hi Jessica, oh this looks so good. Perfect on a cool autumn day. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great week. Hugs, cm

    • It’s seriously one of my favs!

  • This recipe sounds good! Love the mocha & coconut combination Jessica!

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