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Office Workspace

When most kids are young, they dream of growing up and having a nice car, fancy clothes…not me.  :)  When I was younger, I knew I wanted to be in some sort of professional business that required me to have a nice, big fancy desk!  YEP…that’s right.  I wanted a HUGE desk!  I’ve always wanted a HUGE desk!  :)  When I graduated high school I purchased a corner desk – I hated it.  It was annoying and I couldn’t reach anything.  However, it was my first “adult” desk, so I dealt with it.  Then a couple of years ago I decided to treat myself to a nice, professional desk.  I looked all around town for something that I THOUGHT I wanted.  I then ended up settling for something that (now that I look back on it) I shouldn’t have.  It was a VERY nice desk, and I still to this day like it, but it wasn’t for me.  It was big, solid, professional looking, but it didn’t fit me.  As you can also tell by the photo, I outgrew the desk.  LOL  :)

Office Workspace

So a few weeks ago I made the decision to bite the bullet and purchase a professional desk that I could deal with long-term.  We went around town and looked, once again, at all of my options.  However, being the online shopper that I am, I found the desk I wanted before we took the trip around town.  It was at a local office supply store, but they would have to order it.  After looking at all my options, once again, I decided to go with the one I found online…without even seeing it in person.  We measured and made sure that it would fit in my area and then I took the chance in hoping I would like it.  It was TONS bigger than what I was used to, so I was prepared to put something together that could possibly take all day…hehe.  Those that know me, know that I get SUPER excited about new “toys” and love to prepare for them!  So since I knew the desk was going to be BIGGER and something that I needed to keep organized, I went ahead and purchased some FUN office supplies…  :)

When the desk came in, dad went and picked it up with his truck, came home, and to work we went.  While dad was gone, mom and I emptied my old desk (because I was giving it to them so it would not go to waste.  I must say, the desk looks BIGGER emptied!  LOL  Again, it’s a VERY nice desk…just, not for me.

Office Workspace

Then we moved the desk out of the location to make room for the new one…and to actually have room to put it together!

Office Workspace

Yep…see all those parts?!  LOL  It took 4 hours to put it together!!  And the next day, I can assure you that everyone realized how much work it was!  Our muscles were sore!  LOL  And check out my awesome busted up hand!!  LOL

Office Workspace

HOWEVER…after all the work, pain, and stress for 4 hours…it was ALL worth it!  :)

Office Workspace

Isn’t it pretty!?  LOL  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  So when you think of me blogging, this is where I blog from!  :)


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  • Oh Jess, it's fantastic! My desk is tiny… I have to confess, I often just drag my laptop into bed with me and blog from there, LOL!! But with a nice space like this, I think I would be more organized!

    • Haha…sometimes working from bed I'm more likely to sleep!! …or watch tv!!

  • I love it too!


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