Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Finally to finish off our trip to Toronto, we stopped at Niagara Falls on the way back to spend the night and to just do touristy things, enjoy the falls, and we actually got to see some fireworks as well! I haven’t been to Niagara Falls since I was probably 10-12 years old, but it was definitely different as an adult not all what I had remembered it being.  It may have been for the simple fact that the last time we were there, it was unbelievably cold in the summer time; this time it was pretty warm, but it allowed us to actually check out the falls and all of their beauty, as well as some shops and little restaurants around our amazing hotel.







We stayed at the Sheraton on the falls and we actually had a Fallsview room on the 11th floor, that was just beautiful. We did actually pay a little bit more than we normally would for a hotel, but we thought, why not — it was the end of the vacation and we wanted to it be something to remember!

As you can see from the photos above, we definitely had a gorgeous view of the falls and the surrounding areas right in our hotel room! Our room had a small balcony (was more or less a two-foot-wide door with an iron railing that you could open up and listen to the falls and actually get some better pictures that didn’t reflect off of the glass). The Sheraton on the Falls hotel was really nice and I wouldn’t mind staying there again if I was ever in the area. It was on the Canadian side, and also had a Starbucks on the first floor — which definitely was a plus! The hotel was also connected to various souvenir shops while also having a quick entrance-way to get to the falls walkway.








Lucky for us it was Memorial Day weekend and they actually had a fireworks show that was going to happen that night on the falls.  We had heard that they did fireworks, but we didn’t know exactly when they would and if we would get a chance to see them on our visit.  However we did see a sign down by the falls that said the main event was at 10 pm, so we definitely made sure that we were back in our hotel room checking out our full length window.

The Falls actually lit up around 9 pm so as you can see, we were able to get some beautiful pictures. Then the fireworks show started and boy was it a show!  It was probably about 10 to 15 minutes long with various different types of fireworks being shot off of a couple of different boats that sat in the water right in front of the falls.  As you can see we had some really neat pictures and one in particular that I loved is one that had a heart coming out of one of the fireworks!



The next day it was definitely very beautiful with clear skies as Sun was shining brightly.  It was a bit different than the day before, as it was a little bit hazy and overcast, however we were able to get some beautiful last minute shots from our hotel balcony just before we left.

It’s definitely a place that I think everyone should visit, young and old.  I would actually like to go back as there were other shops and restaurants that I would like to check out in the future!  It definitely was a great way to end out amazing vacation!


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