Paper Plate Easter Bunny Tutorial

Paper Plate Easter Bunny Tutorial

This is a cute little craft that we made while my twin nieces were home a short while ago.  It honestly doesn’t take that long and if it can hold the interest of two 2 and a half year olds, then I’m pretty sure any child will love to make this cute little Easter Bunny out of a Paper Plate!


Paper Plate Easter Bunny Tutorial


What we did in preparation for my nieces, was basically cut out all of the parts and pieces — because lets face it…scissors and 2 years old do not mix!  :)  However if your children are old enough to cut out their own shapes, then by-all-means!

What you will need:

  • 2 ears in the white cardstock
  • 2 smaller, inner ears in the pink cardstock
  • a pink nose in the pink cardstock
  • 6 whiskers in the grey cardstock (pipe cleaners would even be just as cute)

All you have to do then is to piece everything together to make your cute little bunny come alive!  Don’t forget to draw on eyes and a mouth with your sharpie!!

Paper Plate Easter Bunny Tutorial


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