Paper Pumpkins tutorial

Paper Pumpkins Tutorial

Paper Pumpkins tutorial

We made this cute little Paper Pumpkins a few years ago.  Aren’t they adorable?  They were super easy and so fun to make!


  • 5 different colors/patterns of scrapbook paper
  • green cardstock for vines and stems
  • Glue and a glue stick
  • pipe cleaner
  • scissors


  • Cut 5 circles out of each scrapbook paper; the bigger your circle the bigger the pumpkin. You could also use more than 6 circles to make the pumpkin more full. These were inspired by alydosdall.
  • Take one circle and place glue one the back side, all over.
  • Take take a second circl and push down onto the 1st circle, but only on half of it.
  • Keep adding circles until you form a sphere, gluing half a circle at a time.
  • Add glue to the end of the pipe cleaner and slide it down inside the top of the pumpkin in the small hole that the circles made in the center.
  • Take your cardstock and cut out skinny strips for vines, curl them around the blade of your scissors and attach them to the top of the pumpkin with glue.
  • Then take the cardstock and cut out leaves to also attach to the top of the pumpkin.



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