Patriots Day with Mark Wahlberg movie review

Patriots Day with Mark Wahlberg movie review

I tend to love these types of movies, but I’m really shocked at how soon this one came out.  I mean, you knew it would be good if Boston’s own, Mark Wahlberg was in it.  I really do like him as an actor and tend to watch most of his movies.  Now, I had no steak in the Boston bombing, but I actually remember watching the aftermath on TV and thinking how sad an insane it was.  Then I remember watching as it all wrapped up late that night and how the citizens were cheering in the streets as the FBI and police drove away with one of the suspects.

This film is pretty intense, so I’m not sure I would recommend this as a family event.  It’s seems really real, there’s a lot of F-bombs, and the effects are pretty loud and in your face.  The movies goes along with the timeline of events that unfolded during a short period of time while also showing some “behind-the-scenes” events that I don’t think many of us realized had happened.  It was such a sad situation that our country had to watch on national TV, but there really were many unsung heroes that this movie discusses.  Mark did an amazing job and you could tell he put his whole heart into his acting.

I think it’s definitely a worth watch as it’s a part of our history, but if you’re sensitive to these types of events, maybe this is not for you.



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