Photos on the Farm in Ohio

I have a ton of photos that I’ve taken over the years and have really had no where to show them off, so I thought I would do so here because I feel like all photos have a story that just need told.  These photos you see in this post are photos taken at my Grandparents’ farm in Ohio.

I spend many Summers here and I don’t know if I fully appreciated it until I got older and saw the beauty of this farm and wondered about all the things that happened on this farm.

This is the place that my mother grew up.  This is the place that used to have pigs, cows, chickens, and more.  This is the place where my Grandpa worked tirelessly to plant corn and beans each and every year by himself.

This is the place where numerous dogs ran the 80+ acre land to protect and guard it.  This is the place where my sister and I used to “steal” raspberries from the raspberry bush and would get in trouble for doing so every single time.  This is the place where my grandma hung clothes out on the line and I would get embarrassed because my underwear would be hanging for all to see.

Now, I’ll 100% admit, I’m not an outdoorsy type of person (I’m a city girl through and through)…however I’ve always loved to know how this farm came about and who owned it before my grandparents did.  Over the last couple of year I’ve been researching my family’s history and ancestry, so combining all of that with the beauty of this farm I think is what is making these photos nostalgia for me.

Yes, my grandpa has passed away (over 15 years ago), so I can’t ask him some of the questions I’ve wanted to, but I can sit back and look at these photos and remember the smell when he was making beef jerky in the smoker, shucking corn before dinner with grandma, and the crazy sounds the country would make when a storm was rolling through.

The house has so many stories and is so neat to think about when it was first built (back in the early 1900s).  The upstairs is bare and quiet now, but the memories still live on when my sister and I would spend weeks at this house in the summer time.  I also think about stories my mom would tell me when her bedroom was on the top floor of this home.

So many stories, so much beauty this farm has.

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these photos as much as I enjoy sharing them.

I wish I had photos of the inside of the barn to share…but maybe some other time…  :)


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