Enjoying Bon Fires in Ohio

What are your favorite summer activities?  Me?  I love to swim, check out new restaurants, browse outdoor shopping establishments, and have bon fires in our backyard!  :)  What’s better than relaxing with your family, cooking hot dogs over the fire, and roasting marshmallows for smores?  NOTHING!  :)

A few years ago we built a really neat fire pit that we’ve gotten quite the use out of.  We tend to spend Spring, Summer, and Fall nights just watching the fire and relaxing when then world can get a bit too crazy and hectic.  It’s really calming to just sit and watch the fire…it’s honestly mesmerizing!  :)

The coolest part is when the fire actually creates different shapes and images, kind of like the clouds in the sky.  The image above, I caught the fire at the right time where it actually looked like a fire breathing dragon!  WHO KNEW!!  :)


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