Planning Your Outdoor Wedding Menu

Planning Your Outdoor Wedding Menu

Outdoor weddings have become quite the trend in recent years. Not only do they have a more relaxed vibe than a traditional church wedding, but they can be held at some of the most stunning locations that are sure to be remembered.

When you are thinking about an outdoor wedding, you may choose locations like a stunning beach, a garden wedding venue, an art gallery or perhaps a farm. Wherever you choose, the natural beauty of your spot will most definitely add a natural and lovely tone to your nuptials.

Although some may think that planning an outdoor wedding is much easier than the more traditional route, with things like weather and suitable menu items to consider, both choices have their challenges. With a wedding being planned outside there is always the chance of rain, so a full backup plan needs to be in place before your big day.

Planning your menu can be part of the fun of your wedding preparations. There are certain things that you should keep in mind when planning your outdoor wedding. Keeping the menu simple and elegant is important, as well as some of these other considerations:

Let the Season Dictate the Menu

If you are getting married in the hottest part of the summer, you may want to reconsider some of the things on your menu. No one wants to eat a bowl of hot soup while out in the sun all day. Choosing small details that will complement the season are important parts of creating a delicious menu. Things like ice sculptures, cheese trays or anything that has ingredients that can spoil in the sun are not a good idea. If you are thinking about a fall wedding, the night may be cool so including a hot chocolate or hot apple cider station may be a lovely treat for guests.

Know the Logistics of Your Site

Depending on the site that you choose for your wedding, you may have to figure out some extra things like lighting and electricity. The caterers will need a space close to the area for food preparation where they can set up and plug in all of their equipment. Make sure that your chosen spot is convenient not only for your guests, but for your vendors to gain access to as well.

Appetizers & Drinks

There is nothing more lovely than having beautiful and freshly made hors d’oeuvres served by wandering staff at a garden reception. Make sure that there is a good variety of morsels for guests to enjoy before and after your main meal. Apart from the bar, there should be a good supply of non-alcoholic beverages available for guests. In the summer heat it is important to have plenty of cold bottled water ready for warm guests. Even setting up a drink station with lemonade, iced tea or punch is a great idea.

The Cake

With the wedding cake being an important focal point at your wedding, it is important that steps be taken in the care and placement of your desserts. Cakes that have buttercream frosting do not tend to fare well in the heat. A cake with fondant is a better and more hearty choice for your cake to help it look less withered in the heat.


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