Quick Homeopathic Solution with Boiron to Get Rid of a Cold

Quick Homeopathic Solution with Boiron to Get Rid of a Cold

Over Memorial Day weekend we received an awesome visit from my sister’s family!  They hadn’t been home since Thanksgiving, so it was really nice to see them and just spend some time with them.  However, my 10 month old twin nieces were battling one awful bout of a cold.  One lost all her taste buds while the other was so stuffed up.  So what do you get when your nieces do not understand how to give kisses, and end up with an open mouth slobber fest on your face?  Yep…a cold!  Aunt Jessica received a partying gift of an awesome cold the day after they left!

Quick Homeopathic Solution with Boiron to Get Rid of a Cold

I couldn’t be mad at them because seriously, they’re just too cute for words…however, I needed to find a quick solution to ditch this cold!  I teach online lectures two times, twice a week and nobody needs to see the hot mess that I was!  The bad thing?  Normal, over the counter cold meds don’t agree with me and I can’t swallow pills.  I haven’t been able to take those liquidy cold meds for years because they simply are just not meant for my body; and to be honest, I haven’t had a cold in about 3 years!

So what do you do in this case?  I turned to a Homeopathic Solution from Boiron!  I’ve used various Boiron products over the years, but I think I finally found the perfect combination for the common cold!

My overall symptoms:

  • fever
  • sore throat
  • body aches
  • stuffy nose
  • watery eyes

Quick Homeopathic Solution with Boiron to Get Rid of a Cold

The day the cute little munchkins went home, I started getting a sore throat…and I panicked!  However, I first turned to Boiron Homeopathic Medicine: Coldcalm.  This medicine states that it’s fast-acting when taken at the onset of symptoms; non-drowsy; no side effects, no drug interactions, no contraindications, and no “masking” of symptoms.  PERFECT!  The directions stated to dissolve two pill under your tongue every 15 minutes for the 1st hour, then one ever 2 hours.  I will say that there really is no taste, but the texture is a little chalky…however it’s not too terrible.


I went to bed that night and woke up the next day feeling awful; I had a sore throat, terrible body aches, stuffy nose, watery eyes…  The cold had literally settled in; however I thought it was weird that it hit me so hard and so fast.  Whatever, I kept taking the Coldcalm every two hours along with Vitamin C.  I also ended up going to bed literally after my two lectures, which is so not like me.

Quick Homeopathic Solution with Boiron to Get Rid of a Cold

Day 3 I woke up feeling somewhat better, the body aches were almost gone and I didn’t notice my sore throat, but I still had a stuffy nose and watery eyes.  I was still taking Coldcalm, but as the day went on I noticed that a fever was starting to set in along with a headache.  UGH!  So looking at Coldcam, it never mentions the fever and headaches symptoms, so I turned to Boiron’s Oscillococcinum.

This medicine states that it reduces body aches, reduces headaches, and reduces fevers.  Again, PERFECT! These directions stated to dissolve a tube of pellets under your tongue every 6 hours.  This medicine has a better taste than Coldcalm; it’s actually a little on the sweet side.

So there I was, Day 3 taking Coldcalm every 2 hours and Oscillococcinum every 6 hours, and I again went to bed somewhat early.

Day 4 I woke up…with…NOTHING.  NO SYMPTOMS AT ALL.  EVERYTHING was gone…GONE.  I couldn’t believe it, honestly.  I was actually a little freaked out.  LOL  I was so freaked out that I felt like I should still take the Coldcalm every 2 hours…so I did.

Day 5 I woke up…with again…NOTHING!  The cold was GONE…crazy, right?  Who knew a cold would only last 3 days, especially if on Day 2 I felt like a semi hit me, put it in reverse, and then hit me again.  LOL

I can HONESTLY say that Boiron’s Coldcalm and Oscillococcinum are genius products.  YES, they are a tad expensive, however after my experience, they’re so worth it!  I think that everyone should have these two products on hand at all times.  The expiration for these medicines are pretty far out, so I doubt they’d expire by the time you need them.  Take it from me, these are miracle products!


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