Fashion staples that every woman should own

Raybar Fine Jewelry - Fashion staples that every woman should own

Just as a fortune is not amassed in one night, a stylish wardrobe cannot be bought during a single trip. Instead of buying fashion items that are trendy for a short time before they fade into oblivion, you should buy timeless pieces. Here are some of the fashion staples that every woman should own:

Trench coat

Every woman should own a trench coat that is climate appropriate. If you do not have the funds to buy a designer brand, you can purchase a stand-in until you have enough money. Conversely, waiting a few months to buy the ideal coat is logical since you will wear it for years to come. If you are not eyeing a pricey designer coat, you can buy other high quality brands. For a clean and crisp look, buy one with well-tailored lines and stay away from unusual colors. If you buy a trench coat that clashes with every item in your wardrobe, you will grow to hate it.

Little black dress

Finding the perfect little black dress for your wardrobe can take years. Look for one that ticks several boxes, gives you value for your money, and can be worn to different events. If a dress can transition from work to evening easily, you need to consider it. This does not mean that you should wear the dress all the time. With a change of shoes and jewelry, can you wear the dress to different events? LBD’s have been a part of most women’s wardrobes for the longest time.

Neutral handbag

Some handbag brands release a new color every year. Even though this year’s color might match with your current wardrobe, at some point down the road, it will clash with everything. This is why you need a good neutral handbag; colors may come and go, but a neutral one will serve you for years. Neutral colors may sound very drab, but you should consider buying a designer brand if you want something that sticks out.

Statement jewelry

Although timeless jewelry does not have to be limited to necklaces, you need to have at least one. You can make a statement around your neckline with earrings and necklaces. Your jewelry pieces should not compete with each other for attention because this results in messy lines. If you want to find a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, you should visit Virginia Beach Jewelers. Whether you choose vintage or estate style pieces make sure that they speak for themselves.


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This fashion piece borrows inspiration from menswear. It is, indubitably, the turn-to piece when you want to look either professionally or casually polished. You can wear it on Saturdays while running errands or at the office on a Monday. Instead of wearing a suit to the office all the time, you need to invest in a blazer that goes with almost any outfit. Having a custom-made blazer is better than buying one off-the-rack. The latter might not fit properly because of too-long sleeves or too-short ones. Luckily, alterations can be made.

White button-up shirts

Do you want a shirt that goes with almost everything? Just buy a white button-up and you are set. These shirts come in a variety of styles and materials. It looks good under a blazer or when paired with jeans for a casual look.

Do you have the above items in your wardrobe? If not, you need to get them. They match with almost everything in your wardrobe and never go out of fashion.

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