Reasonable Doubt movie review

Reasonable Doubt movie review

Reasonable Doubt movie review

This is yet another movie that I saw not too long ago.  I more or less watched this for the factor that Samuel L. Jackson is a pretty good actor.  The movie in itself was surprisingly not a bad one to watch.  It’s definitely not one that kids should see for the frequent “F-bombs” that are dropped as well as some of the graphical violence elements that are included, but there are no adult situations.

This movie tells the tale of a prosecutor who gets involved in a hit and run on a snowy day while he may have had a little too much to drink.  Moral of the story, don’t drink and drive…call a cab.  :)  The next day he finds out that an innocent person has been wrongly arrested and charged with the crime that he committed and thought he “covered up.”  However, the “innocent” mam is not so innocent at all…bring in Jackson.  :)

The movie is not that long at all to watch and almost seemed like an independent film.  Because it wasn’t a very long movie, there were so many twists in the plot that one may wonder whether or not this film was too short because certain scenes could have used some additional explanation.  Also, the ending could have been a bit better, but because of the ending, the movie should have been named Unreasonable Doubt…

If you’ve seen Changing Lanes with Jackson, the idea of this movie and very much the same…


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