Easy Hot Mocha recipe with a French Press

Easy Hot Mocha recipe with a French Press

I’m pretty obsessed with my French Press.  :)  I honestly love it!  It’s so easy to use and really does make your coffee that much better!  I’m pretty sure once you get a French Press you’ll never go back to a regular drip coffee maker!  :)  One day I was playing around with my French Press because I wanted something warm, but a different sort of coffee taste.  So I had some extra hot chocolate that I decided to throw in my coffee and create an Easy Hot Mocha recipe with a French Press.  It was so simple and definitely so easy to make!!  YUM!  :)  I mean, because it was so easy, this may become a bad habit this winter!  :)  It’s definitely SO good!  :)  ENJOY!

Easy Hot Mocha recipe with a French Press


  • French Press
  • Boiling Water
  • Dark Roast Ground Coffee
  • Cream (Half and Half)
  • Hot Chocolate mix


  • First, I used my Electric Kettle to boil my water.
  • Take your boiling water and add it to the French Press with about 2 scoops of DARK ground coffee.
  • With a plastic spoon (ONLY a plastic spoon), stir up the grounds; remove the spoon and let the “coffee” sit for at least 5 minutes with the lid/plunger on top.
  • In the meat time, add a serving of hot chocolate mix to a mug.
  • When the “coffee” has sat, gently press down on the plunger; this will push the grounds to the bottom, straining your coffee.
  • Slowly pour the coffee into the mug and stir.
  • Top off with a hint of cream!


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