Bodium Electric Water Kettle review

Bodium Electric Water Kettle

Bodium Electric Water Kettle review

I always like to try to find the easiest way to make my morning (afternoon/evening/anytime) coffee.  I used to use the Hamilton Beach One Scoop coffee maker.  It was a very nice machine, but it just wasn’t making my coffee strong enough (surprise, surprise).  I then went to the French Press, but continued to use the Hamilton Beach One Scoop to “boil” my water for the French Press.  Why?  No idea.  I then found this awesome Bodium Electric Water Kettle that will boil my water in about 60 second.  AWESOME!

It’s so easy to use!  All you do is fill it up to the “max” line, hit the red power button, and listen/watch it “boil.”  If I’m going to use the water for hot coffee or some other hot beverage, I let it boil until I actually hear the water “bubbling.”  However if I’m just using it for Iced Coffee, I stop it as soon as I hear it “boil.”  So cool, right??

It’s honestly one of my favorite items I own and I would not go without it now.  :)


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