Killing Hope by Keith Houghton book review

Killing Hope by Keith Houghton

The best thing about having a Kindle is that you can get MANY random books at a very good price.  Therefore, a while ago when I was still in school, I had purchased a BUNCH of random books that I had never heard of, in hopes that some day I’ll be able to read them!  Once I graduated in April, I started getting the urge to read again!  :)  Killing Hope by Keith Houghton was the second book that I’ve read since I’ve been FREE from school!  :)

This is a VERY different book for me than what I would normally pick to read, but that’s OK…we need to mix it up every now and then, right?  All-in-all I feel like this book is very much like a Law & Order: SVU meets Criminal Minds.  It followed the story of a famous cop trying to nab a serial killer that was “hitting” too close to home.  This murderer took the cop all over the country and many times on a wild goose chase, but something told the cop to never give up.  If you enjoy those cop thrillers, then this is definitely the book for you!

There were a few language and adult situation issues that I think could have been thrown out and the book would have been just as good, but overall, I do recommend this easy read.  I did find out that there are two additions to this series, and I may check them out in the future!


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