Same Old Space but with a Different Purpose

Same Old Space but with a Different Purpose

Same Old Space but with a Different Purpose

Being in the same house for so many years may lead you to think of moving into a new home. This option may sound attractive especially if you have more people living in your home or if you don’t have enough space for your things anymore.

Despite this desire to move to a new and bigger place, some people are hesitant to leave their current place of residence, not only because of sentimental reasons but also due to financial issues.

When you have limited space and purchasing a new home isn’t possible at the moment, you’re left with two options:

  • Build an extra room that will occupy part of your vacant lot space; or
  • Repurpose an existing vacant room, say an unused garage or a loft.

Among the two options, a simple loft conversion may be the better choice, considering that you don’t have to spend too much on construction and repairs.

Unused valuable space in the loft

Some houses have lofts built in, but its owners don’t seem to know what to do with this extra space. Many homeowners use this room to store things that they rarely use, such as winter gear, old clothes, old paintings, and unused furniture.

Before we delve into a new home redesign project, take a minute to breathe and get ready to turn your unused space into something that’s extremely useful and functional.

Different uses of a loft

Having that additional space may give you more opportunities to maximize your valuable residential area. In the case of lofts, here are some ideas that you can do to convert your loft into a different purpose:

Walk-in closet

The shopaholic in you may have led you to accumulate so many clothes inside your bedroom to the point that you need an extra room. A walk-in closet may just be the solution! You can design the loft with several cabinets to store your clothes, shoes, bags, jewelries, and trinkets.

A good full length mirror, a piece of furniture and an area rug with beautiful lighting can transform your loft into a fashion paradise!

Meditation room

If you feel the need to have a special place in the house where you can have some time alone to meditate, you can turn the loft into a meditation room. Make sure that you soundproof the room so that your quiet time is undisturbed.

Man cave

Most men like to spend much of their available time in solitude, and one way to keep them at home is by providing them a space where they can have their own small world. You can convert the loft into their personal man cave filled with things that they love, such as a pool table, an entertainment system, and a mini-bar. The loft may also be used as a family room or a place to entertain guests.

Kids’ room

Repurposing the loft as a kid’s bedroom should make your children very excited. They may even help decorate their own rooms so that their creativity and personal preferences are integrated into the room. You may also use the lot as a play area, but make sure that the area is absolutely safe for kids.

Guest room

If you don’t want your house guests sleeping on the couch, use the loft as an extra bedroom. This way, they feel more at home and comfortable, and they can also enjoy privacy as they stay in your home for the night.

These are just some of the many ways that a loft can be repurposed. Refurbishing your old loft can be a good bonding opportunity where the whole family can come together and have fun turning the unused loft into something that everyone can enjoy.


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