Should I Drink Fluoridated Tap Water?

Should I Drink Fluoridated Tap Water?

You probably won’t be surprised to know that chemicals are added to your tap water. They are added to help kill bacteria and ensure the water you receive from your tap is safe to drink. However, you might not be aware of just how many chemicals are in your water!

One of the chemicals that are added is known as fluoride. Studies have shown that this is effective at reducing the level of tooth decay.

This is good!

However, many homes across the country have an under sink water filter fitted. This might seem surprising as this will effectively remove all chemicals from the water, including fluoride which is supposedly beneficial.

But, everything I not always as it seems. In fact, new research suggests there is several health issues associated with the consumption of fluoride:

Understanding Fluoride

It is important to understand that the standard compound fluoride appears to be safe to drink. There are numerous surveys which suggest it can cause cancer, weakened bones and even Down’s syndrome.

However, none of these have been completed with conclusive evidence.

In contrast, sodium fluoride is highly poisonous in large doses and it is not easily removed from your system. It is this type of fluoride which is generally added to water!

Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to know how much of this fluoride a single person might consume. There are many variables including where you are in the supply line, the mount of tap water you drink and even how much sodium fluoride has been added to the water.

In fact, it has even been suggested that the water treatment works cannot tell exactly how much sodium fluoride they are adding to the water!


You light be surprised to learn that despite this many countries add fluoride to their water supply. They will quote that this is not the only chemical which has been added and the supposed harmful effects have not been proven.

It is certainly true that in countries that do add fluoride to the water there is a substantial improvement in dental health. In fact, most children have 2 less decayed teeth in these countries than in non-fluoride zones.

Unfortunately further research has suggested levels of tooth decay have simply fallen, perhaps due to better dental hygiene and care.

The Issue

Recent research has resulted in fluoride being categorized as a neurotoxin. In short, consumption is likely to lead to a lowering of IQ and possibly brain damage. This is worrying and something that those fighting against fluoride in the water have pounced on.

But the real issue is that there is simply not enough evidence to confirm the effects of fluoride; good or bad. This means the decision is yours.

However, with the potential harm that could be caused by drinking water with fluoride added, prudence suggests using a good filter system to ensure you and your loved ones remain safe.

You can always change your mind in the future when new evidence emerges!


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