Silhouette Framed Wall Decorations idea

Silhouette Framed Wall Decorations

Silhouette Framed Wall Decorations idea

When my nieces were born, Mom and I wanted to give my sister something that she could display in their room to make it cute and personable; so we came up with these Silhouette Framed Wall Decorations idea and realized how much fun they were!  Aren’t they completely adorable?!  Oh my gosh I think I could look at them all day; and the possibilities are endless with how you create them!

They were pretty simple to make; thanks again to the Silhouette (in which I’m beginning to think that this may be my favorite tool ever).  All you need to do is find a cute shape or symbol and match it up with some adorable craft paper, ribbon, and a white frame.  You HAVE to have the white frame and ribbon because they both really do set off the whole idea to focus on the cut out shape of your choice.  :)

The animal shapes are definitely cute for nurseries while coffee mugs would go GREAT in a kitchen!  We’ve also used adorable butterflies and sports shapes for old kids to display in their bedrooms.  Everything honestly turns out SO stinkin cute!!  I have yet to see one design that didn’t look adorable!  :)

They definitely make great gifts, or even perfect decorations for you own home!


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