Simple home improvement ideas

Simple home improvement ideas

Whether you’re planning on moving house and want to increase the value of your home, or you just want to improve your surroundings and enjoy the space you spend the majority of your time to the fullest, there are upgrades you can make to your home.

Making modifications to your home can increase the enjoyment in being in your home and performing your day-to-day activities. Think small cosmetic changes, you don’t have to completely overhaul your entire house. Here are four affordable projects that you can do to your home to provide you with contentment in staying-at-home.

Installing fake grass

Summers on its way and wouldn’t it be lovely to spend time in your garden having BBQ’s and enjoying the sun? Oh, but first you need to get the lawn mower out, fertilise the lawn and don’t forget the weed killer. A lot of effort right?

Why not install some artificial grass this summer and enjoy a low maintenance and high quality garden? Think about how much time and effort you put into the upkeep of your grass, time that could be spent better doing more important things, like enjoying the sun and spending time with your family.

Synthetic turf doesn’t require any type of treatment and it’s completely pesticide free. It even saves you water with no watering required and helps the environment by getting rid of the emissions generated from a petrol lawn mower. It can totally transform an outside space into a green, fresh and healthy looking garden area.

Invest in decking

While we are on the subjects of gardens, have you considered adding in some decking to your outside area? It’s a great way to increase your living space, perfect if you feel you don’t have enough space currently or you just want to add in even more. It’s far cheaper and less stressful than adding on an extension and it’s the perfect place to chill out with your family or to entertain guests.

Place a table and chairs onto the decking and you have the perfect place for BBQ’s, afternoon cake, even breakfast while you watch the sun rise. You can attach decking to the front, back or side, wherever the sunny spots are and you can even install it yourself.

Update lighting

Modern lighting can make a huge difference to the look of a room, it can make a room appear bigger and make it feel warmer in the winter months. Whether your home is old and traditional or new and modern, renovating your lighting can improve the overall style of your home and even save you money on your bills.

Decorative lighting can range from lamps, chandeliers and contemporary pieces. Be sure to think about colours shapes and sizes of lighting fixtures and choose ones that match the style of your home.  Simple changes to your lighting can help completely brighten up your entire home.

Simple home improvement ideas

Decorate the walls

Adding decor to your walls can make a room feel larger, more stylish and it’s a really simple way to add impact to space. Feature walls from floor to ceiling are a great way to draw the eye up and make guests notice the whole room, making it feel bigger.

You can create a feature wall with paint or wallpaper, it is best to go for contrasting colours and if you choose a bold colour or design, it will have a greater impact. By only decorating a single wall, you can really go all out on wallpapers and paints that would normally be out of your budget due to the small amount needed. So be brave and go bold.


Dedicate a few days to a small project renovating your home and these small changes will make a huge difference to the overall feel of your home. Living in your house will feel much more pleasant and enjoyable for all the family. So get planning, modernizing and revamping.


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