Simple ideas to give your home a new look

Simple ideas to give your home a new look

What comes to mind when you think of renewing your home? Chances are you think of a hectic renovation where you have to knock down walls and such like activities. While you can take this route if you have the time and resources, you do not have to.

There are much simpler things that you can do and still achieve that breathe of fresh air that you’re looking for. Here are some of them:

Simple ideas to give your home a new look

Create a Garden

If your yard is just plain grass, think of incorporating a garden. You can plant flowers, herbs, vegetables and even fruits. As they blossom in their various colors and scents; they’ll definitely give your home a new look and feel.

You can alternate plants as the seasons go by, so that you can have something new every so often. Once you have a garden, you can use your biodegradable kitchen waste as manure. You can also buy fertilizer from the stores.

You don’t have to worry about the storage of your gardening tools and materials. You can acquire an outdoor prefabricated steel building for your storage needs.

Temporary Wallpaper

The invention of removable wallpapers was an epic idea. Now we have them in a whole range of colors, textures, patterns and designs. Your walls should not remain dull and monotonous in this age of wallpapers.

Mix and match them around your house; even outdoors in the porch. You can choose to match or contrast the theme color of the rest of the houses. Go for warm colors and explicit designs to make the house exciting.

Remember you can always peel them off without damaging the underlying surface so as soon as they get monotonous; feel free to experiment with a different set.

Simple ideas to give your home a new look

Add Outdoor Structures

Additional buildings can add a pleasant flare to your home. You can use the additional space as an office, play area, storage space or any other purpose.

You don’t have to embark on a lengthy construction, you can settle for a prefabricated steel building like those at Once you have a separate structure; you always have somewhere to escape to whenever the house gets monotonous. Such a building should be multi-purpose, so that it can adapt to many different uses at various times.

Install Modern Knobs

Do you have the same handles for your drawers, cabinets and doors that you’ve had for ages? Chances are they’re rusty, dirty and worn. Time to exchange them for some modern ones.

There are plenty of options in the market to choose from. From brushed nickel, copper to bronze and steel. Feel free to pick different designs, as stylish as they come. Such knobs will instantly attract the eye and give their respective places a modern look.

Add outdoor Lighting

The lighting does not have to stop at your doorstep. Let it extend to the backyard, pathway, garden, hedge and even the prefabricated steel building. And we’re not talking of the conventional lighting here.

Take advantage of the many stylish outdoor lighting fixtures that will make your compound a sight to behold. You can go for colored lights or light bulbs to bring a unique ambience.

Colored lights can be regulated from a central point while colored bulbs have to be changed depending on the color desired. Either way, a lit outdoor is a pleasant sight under the night sky.

Do your research and feel free to experiment with different lights. If like most people you only have one home to go to after a hard day’s work; you may as well make it a welcoming haven for the entire family.


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