Starting a DIY Blog? Follow These Tips for Success

Starting a DIY Blog? Follow These Tips for Success

Of the hundreds of millions of blogs out there, millions are focused on crafting or DIY. However, that shouldn’t deter you from starting up your own blog on these topics. After all, each blog and writer is unique in their own way.

Whether you’re looking to start your own personal DIY craft blog or if you would like to incorporate such a blog into your business strategy, there are some expert-advised steps you can take to help you blog be as successful as it can be. Read on for more.

Name Wisely

After finding your niche, first and foremost, you’ll want to select a blog name and URL. And, experts say, the biggest mistake novices make when getting started is choosing the wrong URL for their blog. They say that you should choose the same blog name and URL name in order to get indexed quicker as well as better search rankings. For example, if your blog name is DIY with Christie, then your URL should be This helps to establish your personal brand and let interested readers better search for you. Once you’ve established your URL, the next step is to buy the domain name (which can be done inexpensively).

Think Quality

After the main logistical components are out of the way, the next thing to think about is content. After all, it is king, right?

When it comes to the content and imagery you produce for your blog, always keep an eye on quality. A good way to do this is to focus on the reader and imagine what they’d like to see or read about. Making sure your content is tight and crisp and photos are thoughtful and well-edited can go a long way in keeping a reader’s attention. When content and pictures aren’t pleasing to read/look at, your reader is much more likely to veer away.

Be Prepared

Inspiration can hit anywhere — on a flight, on the train, at the park or at your favorite eatery. So be prepared when it does by having a reliable smartphone that can go with you and capture the things you need to remember or want to highlight in your blog. It’s also key to have an affordable cell phone plan with unlimited data so that you can add multimedia to your posts anywhere, anytime without the worry of added fees.

Stay Consistent

Sticking to a consistent posting schedule is key for your DIY blog, for several reasons. First, maintaining consistency helps to build your following. If someone sees something they like, they will keep an eye out for your next post. And also, it shows that you are committed to your craft. Nothing said “non-credible” more than a reader that finds that your last blog post was six months or a year ago. A great way to stay ahead of the game is to create an editorial calendar, so you’ll never be left with writer’s block or a lack of info.

Be Yourself

Being authentic to yourself and your brand is non-negotiable. So each time you write a blog post, it’s vital to be yourself, use your own voice and highlight content you truly believe in. After all, when you’re being yourself it’s much easier to get the words flowing on a page. And when you’re writing about something of which you’re passionate, it will come through to your readers. Being vulnerable and uniquely you will help your readers feel like they are getting to know the real you. Conversely, nothing comes through more quickly than a facade — and no one likes a fake.

In all, when it comes to blogging, there’s an element of trial and error that is necessary to forge through. And by learning what doesn’t work, you, in turn, learn what does. Happy blogging!


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