Still Alice with Julianne Moore movie review

Still Alice with Julianne Moore movie review

I 100% have to admit that I don’t have a lot of personal experience with Alzheimer’s disease, but obviously from what I’ve heard about this awful disease is that it’s one of the hardest things a person goes through, as well as their family; whether it’s dealing with it or coming to terms with what being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s actually means.  However after watching this movie, I can only imagine the sort of impact Alzheimer’s disease can be for a family.

This is definitely a tear-jerker of a movie that I wouldn’t exactly call it a family night movie, but still one that I think everyone needs to watch.  I’ve always been a huge fan of Julianne Moore as he tends to put everything she has into every role and you can just tell that this movie is no different.  Moore plays a successful 50 year old linguistics professor at Columbia University. Her husband John (Alec Baldwin), is a highly regarded medical doctor (research) and the couple has a…what they consider…perfect family.  Their son is also a doctor, while their oldest daughter (Kate Bosworth) is a lawyer who’s preggers and married to a perfect man; and finally their youngest daughter (Kristen Stewart) has shunned college for an acting career.

We begin Moore’s story with her forget words during lectures and getting lost on campus. After numerous testing that she decides to get without telling anyone, it turns out that she has early onset Alzheimer’s and it is the rare, quickly progressing form. We see her struggles, denial, and slowly see that her family begin to notice that something is wrong.  As she tries to maintain her grace as long as she can, she creates her own little mind games to judge her capabilities and even creates a video to guide herself when she no longer has control of her mind and her life.  Yes, the movie is as devastating and emotionally heartbreaking as it sounds.

While it’s not a movie you’d watch over and over, you’ll definitely walk away from this movie realizing more about Alzheimer’s and having empathy for those directly connected to it each and every day.


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