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5 Trending Themed Cake Ideas

Whether a birthday, graduation, or wedding is coming up in your family, you know that buying a cake will be a necessity. This time, however, you want to go all the way. You want to get a cake that will blow everyone’s mind. There are some very popular trending themed cakes that you will want to consider. Below we outline five popular themed cake ideas trending all over the Internet.

5 Trending Themed Cake Ideas

Princess or Castle Cakes

You’ll always find that princess and castle cakes are a trending theme for many little girls’ birthday parties. The princess birthday cake is very traditional for younger years and will definitely impress your little one. You can choose Disney princesses such as Cinderella, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, or Jasmine from Aladdin.

You could also have a cake that looks like a castle and even put Rapunzel up at the top of a tower. There are plenty of ideas to make it stand out. If you are worried that this kind of cake might prove to be expensive, do not worry. There are plenty lot of bakeries that will help you get the dream cake at a reasonable price. For price information about different cakes, you should check, which is designed especially for cake price seekers.

5 Trending Themed Cake Ideas

Flower and Spring Themed Cakes

Spring it’s the perfect time to buy a cake filled with flowers and greenery. If a friend or family member has a wedding coming up, you’ll definitely want to let them know flower wedding cakes are all the rage right now.

You can get a vanilla or a chocolate cake with some flowers popping out to add a splash of color. outlines 50 beautiful wedding cakes that are mostly full of flowers and leafy vines. Cascading foliage and greenery will bring more style and class to your wedding. However, flowery cakes are not only meant for weddings. Often young daughters would love to have a cake full of flowers and spring elements.

5 Trending Themed Cake Ideas

Movies, Cartoons, and Books

If you’re looking for a great treat for your child’s birthday party, current trending themed cakes often involve using characters from your kid’s favorite movies, cartoons, or books.

Kids love movies and cartoons as well as their favorite books so picking some characters from Minions or Dr. Seuss for their birthday cake is always a good idea. Their friends will love it too! Your daughter may like Ariel from The Little Mermaid while your son may love a dinosaur from the movie The Land Before Time.

5 Trending Themed Cake Ideas

Rainbow Cakes

Another popular type of cake trending right now all around the country is the rainbow cake. These cakes are truly impressive since the inside of the cake is also filled with the rainbow colors.

There are many types of rainbow cakes out there. You can even make a rainbow cake yourself for your kid’s birthday party, a bridal party or a baby shower. There are multiple recipes online you could follow. Betty Crocker offers one recipe to help you make the perfect cake for your loved one.

5 Trending Themed Cake Ideas

Beach and Ocean-Themed Cakes

Whether you are having a wedding, birthday, or even a retirement party, a beach-themed cake is a great idea. Ocean and beach-themed cakes have been popular for ages. These types of cakes are great for the summertime celebrations such as the 4th of July, Memorial Day, or even Labor Day. Even when summer is over, you can bring the happiness of the beach with a great ocean-themed cake!

You can add seashells and starfish to the cake as well as yellow and blue colors. You could add a few palm trees and yellow cookie crumbles to resemble a sandy beach. Soft, light-colored blues will really remind your guests of the sea. If you choose a dark blue color, be sure to add some swimming fish and some seaweed to the bottom of the cake.


Whatever type of cake you choose, be aware that there are plenty of beautiful trending themed cakes out there. You can choose princess and castle cakes or movie and cartoon cakes for your child’s birthday party. For weddings and bridal showers, you can opt for flower cakes, beach-themed cakes, or rainbow cakes. There are countless ideas out there and you’ll definitely blow your other people’s mind.


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