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Things People With Clean Kitchens Do Every Day

Things People With Clean Kitchens Do Every Day

There is no shame in admitting that our kitchens can become extremely messy from time to time, especially when we are not defined by strong cleaning habits. Honestly, we cannot always be in the mood for dish washing, floor sweeping or a fridge cleanout. However, now and again we stumble upon some people who seem to have figured it out. No matter when you visit, their kitchen is invariably sparkling. Truth be told, it’s not like they are constantly dish washing or scrubbing the stove, but they do possess some habits that make their lives so much easier. Herein, we will try to inform you about some of those habits that you too can acquire in order for your kitchen to become impeccable, day in and day out.


When your kitchen is packed with all kinds of different knick-knacks it definitely leaves an impression of an untidy place. Now, bins do not only take up space, they are also nasty to smell, and to look at. Make sure you find an enclosed place for it, preferably underneath the sink. Keep in mind to give that bin a nice wash now and again.


In addition to the aforementioned comment about packed kitchens, try to keep your countertops as empty as possible. Lots of things attract lots of dust, and you don’t want that stuff lying around your kitchen. Countertops are made for baking and chopping, not for storing.


Sometimes our laziness can get the better of our logic. Very often, people tend to keep their kitchen implements and condiments right next to the stove. Think about it for a second. Everyone knows from experience that after cooking a meal, not only is your stove greasy, but so is everything around it. Make your life easier and hold your kitchen tools and spices away from the stove, therefore avoid having to do any extra work.


As soon as you’re done with cooking, do take a few more minutes to wipe clean  your countertop, sink and your stove. Do not let those stains rest, because it will be much harder to get rid of them later on.


We all love the smell of hot toast in the morning. However, we are not so keen on cleaning the toaster and the breadcrumbs that it leaves behind. That has to change. After you’ve made your toast, quickly scoop those crumbs off of it and of the countertop. The same goes for the blender.


Whether you’re using the sink or the dishwasher, always dry your plates and implements as soon as they’ve been washed. We implore you to get rid of the drying rack, if you do possess one. By abiding to this principle, there won’t be any redundant things residing next to your sink or on your countertop, which means that the view on your neat and freshly kept kitchen will be better than ever before.


Please, do not look away when you spot some expired goods hiding in your refrigerator. This isn’t only filthy, but it’s a health hazard as well. Make sure that everything stored in there is fresh and edible. You can use many different strategies to prevent the food from being wasted. For example, you can keep those “close to expiration date” foods in the front of the fridge, therefore reminding yourself what should be consumed first.


Make your life in the kitchen fun, healthy and clean. Some people use the so called “cue” technique through which they combine a meal with a chore. After breakfast, mop the floor. After lunch, clean the stove. Be creative. Find a way to build habits that will end up helping you become more successful at keeping your kitchen a sparkling paradise that it should be.

Before you become the next master of cleanliness, you can try hiring an additional pair of hands to help you organize your home for the next family gathering on Hari Raya.

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