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Seven Do-It-Yourself Fixes for a Dull and Dreary Bedroom

Seven Do-It-Yourself Fixes for a Dull and Dreary Bedroom

Seven Do-It-Yourself Fixes for a Dull and Dreary Bedroom

If you’ve ever sat in your bed and simply felt down in the dumps for no reason at all, you’re certainly not alone.

Feeling depressed is no laughing matter; likewise, sometimes the root of our sadness can be right under our noses. The link between depression and home neglect is real, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost if you feel that you’ve completely fallen out of love with your sleeping space.

Whether you’ve let your décor fall to the wayside due to stress or simply feel overwhelmed by how much clutter you’ve accumulated, fear not.

Breathing new life into your bedroom represents a series of do-it-yourself projects that are both cost-effective and accessible for those who don’t consider themselves traditional DIY’ers. Consider any of the combination of the following as the essential first step toward taking back your happiness in your bedroom.

Let There Be Light

There’s a direct correlation between natural light and improved mood, meaning that shutting your windows off from the outside world is a bad idea. On the flip side, you don’t necessarily need your bedroom to be exposed to outside light while you’re trying to sleep.

Ideally, you should invest in a shading solution that allows for the best of both worlds. For example, learning how to install roller shades is relatively easy and represents a friendly project for newbies that won’t break the bank. Regardless, you absolutely must make sure that you have easy access to natural light in your bedroom.

When In Doubt, Walls Should be White

Dark walls, despite rich or seemingly “vibrant” colors, can create an accidental sense of darkness and dreariness. If your walls are already white or another neutral color, great! If not, you may consider putting up a new coat of neutral paint to make the most of your lighting fixtures and other décor. If you still want some color on the walls, consider perhaps painting a trim to a vibrant color of your choosing.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors represent a cheap and stylish way to reflect the existing light in your room Similarly, mirrors create an illusion of a larger room which is a huge plus if you feel cramped in your current space.

Buy Brighter Bulbs

Speaking of light, something as simple as a new set of brighter, high-efficiency light bulbs may do the trick for allowing your current lamps and fixtures bring your room to life. Bear in mind, however, that you may need to experiment with your lighting (think: placement and shades) to avoid harsh shadows.

Rethink Your Bedding

While you don’t need to go out and buy a new bed, it might be a good idea to replace your dark-colored bedding with something brighter. Again, neutral colors can match just about any décor scheme and are easy to find in any big box store or online.

Clear the Middle

In an effort to make your room seem larger and less claustrophobic, strive to keep your furniture and bedroom décor hugging the walls. Clearing the middle of your room gives you more space and literal breathing room.

Let Your Personality Shine

Finally, don’t be afraid to put some of your favorite knick knacks and posters on the wall in an effort to inject some personality into your bedroom. Remember: this is your space and you should feel happy in it. In the case that you’re sharing your bedroom with your spouse or partner, make sure that your personalities are equally represented.

Don’t fall prey to a dreary bedroom. Instead, take the small steps toward creating a brighter bedroom that nurtures your personality and makes you feel fantastic.

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