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5 Projects That May Use a Drill Press

5 Projects That May Use a Drill Press

The drill press functions primarily to enlarge or drill cylindrical holes in a select workpiece. Other functions apart from drilling include counter-boring, reaming, tapping, and countersinking.

The drill press offers more convenience when working on projects than the handheld cordless drill, making it a more preferred choice.

Several projects can be done using the drill press. Let’s review five of such projects:

The Cornhole Game Board Project

A common outdoor game played just before football games kick off in the Midwest at tailgating parties, the Cornhole Game Board is popular with many.

Built using wood, a drill press can be used to drill pilot holes for hinge bolts, facilitating easy opening and closing of the cornhole game boards legs, making it collapsible and easy to transport from place to place.

A Clay Pot Hanger Project

Made from wood, the clay pot hanger has a simple design able to hold four different sized pots which hang uniformly on it.

A drill press is used when designing the pot hanger to drill in large round holes, forming standard sized slots. It’s an easy to do project, thanks to the drill press.

The Oak Book Stand Plans Project

If you have a book that you’d like to show off whether open to a specific page or closed, the oak book stand is a great option to go for.

Built from two matching halves connected with hinges which allow for easy closing and opening to any size for ample accommodation of different sizes of the book, the hinges are accurately aligned for the best functionality of the book stand.

To achieve these accurately aligned hinges, a drill press is essential for drilling perfect pilot holes for the hinges.

The Knick Knack Shelf Project

Made as a small sized wall-mounted shelf, the knick knack has an attractive look and is efficient enough to hold and display items placed on it.

This shelf is easy to build and you can make it yourself. With a drill press in place, you can accurately drill pilot holes needed to aid in the successful construction of the shelf.

Louvered Doors and Windows Project

Mostly used on closet windows shutters and doors, louvers make provision for a substantial level of airflow as well as visual privacy similar to that provided by a door panel.

You can make louvers by drilling in a sequence of slots to the stiles on the shutter or door frame edges. A drill press can aid in accomplishing this project with simplicity. You can do it yourself.


These five projects are just a few among many which can be done using a drill press. It’s vital to mention that there are a number of drill presses available in the market that you can use.

Some of the best available presses you can use in these projects include Jet 716200 JDP 15B Drill Press, WEN 4210 with Laser Drill Press, Skil 3320-01 10 inch Drill Press, Shop Fox w1668 Bench Drill Press, JET 354170/ JDP-20 MF 20” Drill Press just to mention a few.

Have a project that needs pilot holes drilled in as part of the make? Why not consider using a Drill Press to do the job? It’s easy, you can do it yourself.

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