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Designing the Perfect Bedroom

Designing the Perfect Bedroom

The bedroom is where we spend the majority of our lives. From sleep to love to contemplation our bedrooms are our own personal sanctuaries. We want them to be impenetrable fortresses from within which we can feel safe and secure. It is therefore worth our time to take a leaf from the Chinese and to embrace the broad principles of Feng Shui; namely that the way we organize the space around us, in this case our bedrooms, can have an impact on our emotional wellbeing.

If you’re a cast-in-the-iron rationalist who feels that they’re about to break out in hives at the mere mention of phrases like ‘spiritual balance’ then think of it from the point of view of Western psychology; the way we choose to organize ourselves and our personal spaces is a reflection of our subconscious attitudes to ourselves. It therefore makes sound psychological sense that by redesigning our bedrooms, we can affect our subconscious perceptions and create a space that is more conducive to achieving a desired emotional state. Below are some simple design tricks that can make a big difference to the feeling you create with your bedroom design.

The View

Views are important, and while we have limited control over the view we have when we look out our bedroom windows, we do have control over the views inside the room. Start by considering your bed and what you see when you first open your eyes in the morning. Waking up in a cluttered or untidy space can make some people feel claustrophobic and has a negative impact on our waking mood. The areas immediately in view when you wake up should exude a sense of calm. You can achieve this by keeping the areas tidy and by using minimalist design techniques which emphasize empty, or negative, space.

Focused Decorating

It can be very tempting to plaster our walls with posters, artwork, and other trinkets and decorations which we feel reflect our personality and our likes and dislikes. While this can certainly be effective when done right, and some people really do feel calmer when surrounded by clutter, it is usually a much better idea to choose fewer, more focused decorations.

Approaching decorating in this manner encourages us to think more about our choices and ensures that every choice we make is a carefully considered one. Such approaches lend themselves well to the concept of meditative decorating, which ties in heavily with the principles of Feng Shui. Meditative decorating is exactly what it sounds like; a careful and considered approach to decorating that encourages us to focus on our decisions and helps to temporarily drown out background thoughts, thus achieving the quiet mind that is the goal of meditation.

When it comes to choosing your bed spread, choose something that reflects your personality without clashing violently with your other design choices. has some excellent options in this department.

Arrange Furniture with a Purpose

Depending on the size of your bedroom, you might have a lot of furniture, or you may only have a few select pieces. If you have a large room, don’t underestimate the value of empty space. Cluttering a room with unnecessary furniture is not only a bad choice aesthetically it can also lead to the bedroom doubling up as an office or workspace and this is less than ideal. Remember; your bedroom is your sanctuary and should be somewhere where you can stop worrying about work and other stresses.

Designing the perfect bedroom is not as complicated as many people think. In fact, it’s very simple. As long as you carefully consider your choices, and act with purpose and clarity, you will quickly find yourself standing in a bedroom that fills you with a sense of calm and wellbeing.

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