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8 Reasons To Eat Less Red Meat

8 Reasons To Eat Less Red Meat

There always seem to be new reports coming out about what we should and shouldn’t eat. The problem is, those reports are often debunked soon afterward, and that can leave us feeling rather confused and unsure about what it is we should be eating to keep us in the best possible shape. When it comes to red meat, the reports all seem to be saying the same thing (and sticking to the information), however, so this is something we should consider.

Those reports suggest that although red meat is good for us in small quantities thanks to the amount of iron, protein, and B vitamins that it contains, if we eat too much of it, red meat can make us sick, or at least prevent us from being as healthy as we could be. So it’s time to cut down on the amount of red meat we have in our diets; here are some excellent reasons why.

Reduced Risk Of Cancer

Cancer is a serious issue that the medical world is constantly working on to find a cure or even just a way of reducing its impact. Something that all scientists who are studying this area have in common is their opinion on eating red meat. Too much of it can increase your chances of developing some cancers, including colorectal cancer in particular. Studies have shown that vegetarians have a twenty-two percent lower risk of this cancer overall when compared to those who eat plenty of red meat.

Increased Weight Loss

The obesity epidemic seems to be getting worse, and that is putting a huge strain on our medical services. It also means that people are unable to live their best lives because they are overweight and have health and mobility issues. Eating too much red meat can have an impact on our weight, so cutting some or all of it out of our diets will help us to shed the excess pounds. Being overweight can lead to all sorts of health issues including type II diabetes, heart disease, gout, for which you can take indomethacin if you are really suffering from it, and much more.

When you eat more healthily and combine this with a well-balanced diet, you will lose weight and feel a lot better too.

Your Cholesterol Levels Will Lower

High cholesterol is associated with red meat (amongst other things) so reducing the amount you eat will help your cholesterol get back to normal levels. High cholesterol means that fatty deposits are settling in your arteries, narrowing them. It means that less oxygen-rich blood can reach your heart and other important organs, causing them to stop working effectively or even to shut down altogether.

It’s far better to eat foods that are low in saturated fats and high in unsaturated fats such as avocados, vegetables and vegetable oils and some nuts. Not only will this lower your cholesterol, but it will also introduce more fiber into your diet, keeping you a lot more healthy in general.

You Will Save Money

When you start really looking at the groceries you are purchasing or even the meals you are ordering when you are out, you’ll notice that red meats such as beef and particularly some cuts of steak are a lot more expensive than more vegetable-based dishes and chicken or turkey. When you start cutting down on the amount of red meat you are consuming each week, you’ll certainly notice a big difference in your grocery bills and how much food is left over at the end of the month.

You’ll Consume Less Iron

You may think that this is a strange reason to cut down on red meat. After all, aren’t we meant to have iron in our diets? It’s true that iron is good for us, but only in moderation. If we have too much iron in our bodies, then our brains can suffer as a result. Studies have begun to link excess iron levels with Alzheimer’s disease, for example, and it comes down to myelin. Myelin is a fatty tissue that covers the nerve fibers in the brain and protects them, but when there is too much iron accumulating there, it reacts badly with the myelin and destroys it. When this happens, the nerve fibers are put at risk and can easily be damaged or break altogether, and that causes problems with memory and cognitive ability.

There Is Less Chance Of Food Poisoning

If you don’t cook your vegetables properly the only thing that will happen is that they will be a little harder (or softer if you overcook them) than you might have liked. They won’t harm you. Not preparing your red meat in the right way can make you truly sick, however, because of the bacteria (notably E.coli) that live within it. In order to remove this bacteria as far as possible, the meat needs to be thoroughly cooked all the way through. However, because many people enjoy their steaks rare, for example, that doesn’t always happen, and this is how people can get sick from the red meat they are eating. E. coli can cause nausea and vomiting, dehydration, stomach cramps, and in extreme cases, kidney failure.

It’s Better For The Environment

The processes used to get meat ready for human consumption take a lot of energy, and that’s not a good thing for the environment. So if you eat less red meat and eat more vegetables (which don’t need as many processes), then you are helping out somewhat. It may not be much when one person does it, but if everyone cut down just a little, the effect would be a dramatic one.

You’ll Be More Active

If you currently feel too full after meals, even if you aren’t eating that much, relatively speaking, it could be the red meat on your plate. It fills us up much more quickly than most other things we can eat. This can sometimes mean we miss out on other nutrients because we’re too full to eat enough of them. It can also make us feel heavy and uncomfortable, and that leads us to stop being quite so active – a vicious circle.

If you eat less red meat, you’ll have more room for the things that are much better for you such as vegetables or fish, and you’ll be able to be a lot more active after a meal, which is also good for your health.

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