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5 Steps to building a home

5 Steps to building a home

It’s always exciting to plan for your dream home. A big 3-bedroom house for you and your kids, with a large master suite, and a well designed and open kitchen would be amazing to have. Perhaps you’ve sat down with your partner to talk about the details, but you’re still unsure where to start. This article will show you 5 steps to building a home, so you can gain knowledge on how to pull off a big project like this.

Choose your location

Before looking for a floor plan or setting your budget, you might want to consider the location first. All of your materials and contractors will be coming from the same area, so it’s best to decide on a location first. Where do you want to live, in the city or in the suburbs? Are you gunning for a beach house or in a quiet rural neighborhood? If you have kids, you may have to consider them too. Do you want a central location, near the school district, the marketplace, and your place of work? Average lot prices vary depending on the area, so take your time considering this step.

Plan your budget

You may have chosen your location and settled for a style of house that suits your family. The next step is to calculate how much you can afford. Do this yourself first before consulting a mortgage specialist, if you’re planning to get a loan. For one, only you know exactly how much money you can spare. The bank may give you options that look manageable on paper, but are actually more than you can afford. Sometimes, the bank doesn’t factor in your real net income after groceries, gas, and medicines. So work on your budget, and get a good idea of what you can manage.

Find the ideal plan

Decide whether you want to get stock plans or hire a licensed architect that would customize for you. There are existing plans you can check out from publisher catalogs that are open for sale. If your budget allows it, get an architect for a more tailor-fit design.

Try to cut costs

Even if you have the budget for an architect, you may want to check out some existing catalogs first. You don’t know if your dream plan already exists and you only have to buy it. If you find something you like, go ahead and get the full construction plan from the publisher. This saves you time and money.

There are other ways you can cut cost too. After building the house, the next thing would be filling the interior. Furniture and appliances are big purchases. But if you’re savvy about woodworking, there are several furniture projects you can DIY. Google offers a great resource of DIY woodwork projects. Aside from saving money, you give your house a personal touch by making the furniture yourself. It’s also a great bonding activity for you and your family.

Form your team of builders

Usually, homeowners start by contracting a builder first. Then the rest of the posts are filled by getting recommendations from that hired builder. Sometimes it’s better to let your builder decide who to get for his team. You don’t want to get multiple suppliers clashing with each other. Depending on how involved you are in the process, hiring too many different subcontractors could affect your project. So there, start with a reputable home builder and negotiate about the rest of the team with them. Aside from the builder, you may need to get a designer, a surveyor, and an excavator too.

It’s no joke getting a house built for your family. But once you settle down, a sense of homeliness comes in and all your hard work starts to pays off.

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