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Tips for your Kitchen Remodel

Tips for your Kitchen Remodel

By Christine H.

Many American families spend more time together in the kitchen than any other room. Did you know that time spent cooking and eating in the kitchen is directly related to health and success? While many modern families are eating out more and eating meals in a hurry, a kitchen that invites you to slow down, thoughtfully prepare a meal, and eat it together can be one of the most nourishing and strengthening things you can give your family.

Since so many of us spend time working and cleaning in the kitchen, we’re constantly thinking about ways that we can make the space better. However, a kitchen remodel with the hottest current trends can be problematic. If you choose fashion over function, you could be handicapped in the kitchen, instead of wanting to spend more time there.

Additionally, there are the challenges of a remodel itself. It’s nice to think about, but in actuality, a kitchen remodel can turn your whole life upside-down. It can be time-consuming and provide challenges that you were never anticipating. Here are some tips to help you make a kitchen remodel something that you’re grateful for in years to come:

Tips for your Kitchen Remodel

Be a Savvy Shopper and Planner

Don’t be distracted by flash at the cost of quality. Some contractors will lure you in with the most current trends. However, you need to keep your head and opt for someone who has a strong track record of high-quality work. Talk to trusted resources to determine which professional will work best for you. Consider the timeframe offered and do your research to see if this contractor stays on schedule and on budget.

Additionally, be smart about which things you decide to DIY. While certain things, like installing a backsplash or stenciling the wall, seem pretty simple, you need to be working on a solid foundation and trust a professional when it comes to technical details. Consider hiring a professional plumber and electrician to review the plans before you start the remodel. Not only is a second opinion good to have, but as this article illustrates, having the work of a professional, backed up by a guarantee, can smooth a lot of the complications that tend to arise in remodeling projects.

Tips for your Kitchen Remodel

Plan Around the Inconvenience

As I said earlier, a kitchen remodel can turn everything upside down. In fact, some stages of construction can make the kitchen and surrounding areas completely unlivable. You might want to plan the remodel for a time when the kids are away at camp, or during a family vacation. You can even stay with a friend or at a hotel for certain phases to avoid the worst of the chaos. Here are some other ideas for minimizing the inconvenience of a remodel.

Tips for your Kitchen Remodel

Add Elements that Will Increase Kitchen Convenience

With new technology constantly making cooking and cleaning easier, the first thing you’ll want to do in a kitchen remodel is incorporate these elements. However, it’s important to first think about your own family: how do you use the kitchen and how do you plan to? A kitchen island is a given in modern spaces, but is it really what would be the most useful to you? Are there often multiple people in the kitchen preparing food?

Look into the maintenance needed for certain elements that you want to incorporate. For example, many people are choosing quartz over granite countertops lately, since the synthetic material is easier to clean and maintain.

Remember, if you want to keep your kitchen into your old age, there are things that you can do to make the whole place more accessible as your mobility becomes more limited.

Choose Timeless over Trendy

A quick search on the internet will pull up 2017’s kitchen trends, and you’re sure to see a lot of them on HGTV this year. However, your kitchen is one place that you really don’t want to be influenced solely by the trends. Those tuxedo-style cabinets and drawers might look slick, but if they don’t suit your house, they’ll look terribly out of place. Even worse, they’ll look severely dated in a few more years. With the effort and time that goes into a kitchen remodel, you don’t want to be re-doing it every year or two. Then you’d never get a chance to enjoy it!

So, instead of using trends as your authority for your kitchen redesign, think hard about your house’s style, and what kind of kitchen would suit that. Opt for clean, airy, and convenient, since those are timeless elements in a kitchen that will never go out of style.

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