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Southpaw movie review

Southpaw movie review

Southpaw movie review

So…I’m not one of those people that enjoy watching MMA in any shape or form.  However, this movie is not all about MMA.  It’s about doing what you need to do for your family.  It’s about not letting fame get in the way of what’s truely important.  It’s also about thinking before you react.

This, in fact, may be one of my favorite Jake Gyllenhall movies that I’ve ever seen.  Do not get too excited that Rachel McAdams is in this movie…  :)  Again, this is so much more than a “fighting” movie, it all goes down when Jake’s character loses his temper around a rival for his title.  His character ends up losing everything and he has to find a way to win it all back…starting with getting custody of his child back.

This movie teaches you that you must drop to the bottom before you can win your way back to the time.  I wouldn’t say that this is a family movie, because there are so many gruesome movie scenes, but the whole point of this movie is to show you that there’s more important things in life than being on top.

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