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The Ultimate Bucket-list adventures for your stag do

The Ultimate Bucket-list adventures for your stag do

In the recent years, stag dos have become all the rage. Especially after the success of the Hollywood film series The Hangover, more men are looking forward to a stag do of epic proportions.

Thanks to this ever-increasing popularity of stag dos, stag groups and event management companies have come up with some really innovative activities that can be part of a stag do. Similarly, stag groups now have hundreds of stag do destinations where they can take their stag party, depending on their budgets.

With so many innovations happening in the industry, it is high time that stag groups start realising that there is a lot more to a stag party than just a hangover. While pub crawls and alcohol binges are still very much an indispensable part of any stag party, there are many other activities that offer a tremendous amount of fun, without getting you completely sloshed.

To help you plan such activities better, we’ve put together a list of once-in-a-lifetime activities that you MUST enjoy with the lads on your next stag party:

Drive a tank

No, that’s not a typo, you can really drive a real-life tank on your next stag do. Available at multiple destinations across The UK and Europe, tank driving is for those stag groups that are now bored of sand dune buggies and quad bikes.

Take the lads through a specially designed obstacle course that will test your maneuvering and strategizing skills. The best part is, if you’re lucky, your drill instructor will let you blow up real targets with the tank canon! If that’s not a once in a lifetime adventure, I don’t know what is!


Arguably the most manly stag do adventure out there, jousting requires nerves of steel and a body that can take a hit. For those concerned about safety, worry not, this is not medieval Europe, and we’re not trying to get you killed.

Modern day jousting has replaced mercialess horses with padded vehicles and bone-breaking jousting sticks with a soft fighting stick. However, don’t think that all that makes modern jousting any less of a manly activity. Even with all the safety equipment, you will require proper training on how to hit and how to take hit, before you can safely enjoy the activity with the lads.

The Supercar Experience

Most people spend their whole lives only dreaming of owning a supercar. With price tags running north of tens of millions, driving one is no less than a lifetime dream for any petrolhead.

While this activity doesn’t guarantee you taking home a speed demon, driving one on the track is well within the reach of any stag party budget. The activity starts with a professional race car driver taking you on the track and showing you how it’s done! Once you’ve got the basics on point, it is time to suit up and get behind the wheel, and hit the tracks. You’ll be pushing the supercar to its limits in no time!

Blow Karting

Blow karting is exactly what is sounds like. A super-fun fusion of off-road karting and windsurfing, blow karting is one of the most popular adventure activities among stag groups partying near beaches.

Easy to master, these blow karts can reach the speed of upto 60 mph under the right conditions. The best part is, you don’t have to spend the whole day learning how to operate a blow kart. Instead, you could be flying with the winds in as little time as an hour!

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