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4 Fun & Wholesome Activities For The Weekend

Most people in their 20s tend to be interested in pretty much one thing on the weekend: going to bars and getting drunk. As you drift into your 30s, however, the hangovers become unbearable and people tend to get married and have babies, reducing the bar crawl crew. Whether you’re heading out for date night or getting together with friends, finding fun activities that don’t involve getting smashed helps you engage with friends and develop culture, intelligence and physical health!

Legal Cannabis Versus Alcohol

While alcohol is the most widely used (and abused) intoxicant in the world, it’s addictiveness and negative effects on human health is no secret. Cannabis, alternatively, has very few health risks; it’s an anti-oxidant and it can also ease nausea and vomiting – just the opposite of having one too many tequila shots! A hike under a starlit sky, an evening of charades or a social potluck can all be supplemented with some light cannabis use to soften the mood. A night of drinking can be fun in the moment, but it leaves you feeling dried out and confused.

4 Fun & Wholesome Activities For The Weekend

In the 21st century, cannabis has become a more sophisticated substance that can be experienced in several different ways; Olli Brands curated cannabis goods, for example, can be enjoyed as gourmet teas, edibles or flavour neutral additives. As far as options go, the world is your oyster!

Without further ado, here are four great weekend activities for chilled out, cultured folks:

4 Fun & Wholesome Activities For The Weekend

The Ballet

Definitely a good one for date night, ballet companies in big cities tend to put on a pretty wild spectacle, with lavish stage productions, beautiful music and hypnotic dancing. Some people may have a sense that ballet is for snooty rich people, but this is untrue. Contemporary ballets like A Streetcar Named Desire and Frame by Frame are exciting, dynamic works of art that everyone can enjoy.


On the more athletic side of the spectrum, getting out of the city and heading for an escarpment or a national park is a perfect way to escape the intense energy of the city. Getting your heart rate and spending some time in the trees is good for the soul. Going solo will give you a chance to clear your head, and if you go with friends you’re sure to strike up some interesting conversations!

Board Games

As fun as Settler’s of Catan is, turns out that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The explosion of board game enthusiasm over the past decade has given rise to a variety of group games with something for everyone. A games night is a way to sharpen your mind and strategic skills while bonding with your pals!

Meditation Retreats

It may seem plainly insane to some people to want to spend your free time in silence in a quest for inner peace. While this option certainly isn’t for everyone, Psychonauts and seekers may get a great deal out of a weekend of silent contemplation. Non-religious meditation groups are popping up in every major city. If you’re curious, check it out!

There are still occasions like New Year’s Eve, weddings and road trips to rock concerts where it’s appropriate to tie one on, but as you drift towards middle-age, consider these healthy, fun alternatives!

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