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Jewelry Gift Guide for Mothers

Jewelry Gift Guide for Mothers

When Mother’s Day rolls around, you want to let your mom know exactly how much she is loved and appreciated. Of course, Mom’s don’t expect big, expensive gifts to get the message across, however, if you are looking for an everlasting gift for your mother, a piece of jewellery is one that stands the test of time.

This gift guide will give you options for saying I love you and Thank you without resorting to the standard flowers and chocolates on Mother’s Day. Husbands pay attention too, when your kids are too little to shop for themselves, these ideas will be sure to put a big smile on your wife’s face.


Charm bracelets have made a comeback in popularity. More and more women have charm bracelets for which they collect various charms to represent special events, moments and milestones in their lives. If your mother or wife happens to have a charm bracelet, finding a meaningful charm would be a great jewellery idea. There are charms to represent a new baby, such as a baby rattle or bottle or you could choose to find a birthstone charm for the month of your mother’s children. These are also great gifts for Grandma’s too!

Necklaces & Pendants

If you prefer to buy your Mom a necklace and pendant, they are widely available and can be found on a budget as well, depending if you choose gold or silver. First you should decide how long you want the chain to be. It might be tricky to estimate, but just think of where you would like the pendant to lie and go from there. Try it on yourself to get a rough estimate.

Choose a pendant with meaning instead of just a basic heart or her birthstone. Why not look at a Mother pendant with the birthstones of all her children. If you are an only child, you could consider a locket and have a baby photo on one side and a current photo in the other side. This show thought and are personalized.


If you aren’t into personalized, custom gifts or just don’t have time, you could look for a pretty pair of earrings. First decide if you want gold or silver and studs or dangling style. From there, the options are endless. You could buy her a pair with her own birthstone or simple pearls. Another special idea is to buy earrings with an Amethyst stone to symbolize intuition and how mothers often guide their parenting by intuition.


While you may not consider a ring a gift you would give your own mother, you may consider this for your partner if you have children together. There are rings which you can order with various birthstones to represent one or many children. There are also rings with a “Mom” monogram in the setting. The only issue with a ring is that unless you know the exact size of your recipient’s finger, they will have to take it for sizing. Also, rings are very personal and not everyone likes the feeling of rings, so your mom or wife may not wear it all the time.


This could go along with a charm if you have the budget and your mom doesn’t currently own a charm bracelet. Otherwise, a beautiful bangle bracelet is something that most women would wear on special occasions if they had one but most often don’t. If you prefer a customized idea, there are plenty of bracelets which could be engraved with either full names or initials of your Mom’s kids. What is great about bracelets is that you can find one in just about any budget range.

Body Jewelry

For the non-traditionalist, there is always the option of body jewellery.  This could be belly button rings, nose rings, or any other type. There is nothing to say that a nose ring isn’t a great gift idea for your mother or wife for Mother’s Day. There are many choices featuring stones or letters which could be very meaningful. Most body jewellery can be found in a lower price point than traditional jewellery as well, making it friendlier on your pocketbook.

You shouldn’t feel that you must break the bank to honor your mom on Mother’s Day. Most moms agree it isn’t about the money you spend but the thought and meaning of what you do give her. We mom’s love your intentions and effort.

Buying your mother jewelry can be tricky if you aren’t sure what is appropriate or if you can afford such things. This gift guide works to walk you through the different types of jewelry available and how you could find something geared towards your own mother or partner. Decide on your budget and the style you are looking for first and then go from there. Talk to staff at the stores, they are professionals. Above all, don’t stress about the gift. Mom’s never “expect” anything, we only appreciate what you do give.

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