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A Green Deep Clean: 3 Ways To Clean Your Carpet Before The Holidays

A Green Deep Clean: 3 Ways To Clean Your Carpet Before The Holidays

When you have every aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandparent come to your home for the holidays you know the pressure of presenting them with a beautifully clean house. A home’s carpet is often the culprit of uncleanliness, as even carpet that appears clean can hold up to one pound of dirt in just one square yard. This year, go beyond vacuuming with these deep cleaning tricks.

Try club soda

The power of club soda to get out beer and wine stains has long been touted as an easy solution. If you have one of those tough stains on your carpet, first try blotting it with club soda. If that doesn’t work, mix vinegar with water and spray that solution on the blotted area. Give the solution a few minutes to sink in, then use a sponge to clean up the area and soak the solution. After repeating this process a few times, the stain should disappear. Rinse the carpet spot with warm water, and you’ll have successfully deep cleaned your carpet.

Use shaving cream

You don’t have to look any farther than your bathroom for another deep cleaning option. Simply apply shaving cream directly to the stained spot and leave it there for about 30 minutes. Once you’ve allowed the shaving cream to work its way into the stain, wipe it away using a clean, dry cloth. This will work to lift the deep stain out of the carpet, but you’ll need to use a mixture of vinegar and water as well to wash away the stained part. Be sure to wipe away that solution and your carpet will look like new.

Break Out The Dishwashing Detergent

There’s nothing more effective at getting grease stains out of the carpet than the cleaning agent you already use to remove grease stains. Put one or two drops of a grease-cutting, eco-friendly dishwashing detergent in a cup of water. Pour that detergent and water solution in a spray bottle, spray it on the stain, and blot it up. Repeat this process until the stain is out of the carpet.

Everyone has those carpet stains that they’ve ignored for months, or even put furniture over to block the sight of them. This holiday season, set out to remove those tough stains and show off a carpet to your family that makes you proud.

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