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How to Hang Holiday Lights on the Roof Safely

How to Hang Holiday Lights on the Roof Safely

Glowing lights in the dark.

Time surely flies. It feels like yesterday when we were all busy with writing Christmas and New Year’s cards. Christmas is less than a month away now and it’s not too late to start planning your decorations! Light decoration especially glams up your house and is among one of my favorite things to see during holiday seasons. As excited as you can be though, let us pay attention to two keywords: lights, safe, and fun! Oops… That’s three. ☺

Safety precautions

Wise geezers say it’s better safe than sorry; I mean, we don’t want to go through Christmas with a cast on our left leg because we were too lazy to get the ladder (which is stored in the warehouse somewhere… in there). So, make a checklist of our safety equipment.


Use a proper, strong ladder that is designed for adults. Don’t cramp on the ladders, just one person using it at a time. Have someone else hold the ladder for you and passing you the cords and lights to put up.

Waterproof or Water-resistant cords and bulbs (UL)

Snow will melt and wet your lights and, well, it’s going to be scary if your extensive cords and bulbs screw up because of this. You won’t even get to see them light up for the real event. The label UL stands for underwriter’s lab, which specializes in safety of products.

Outdoor Use

Whatever decorations you may be using make sure they are meant for outdoor usage. This is usually labeled on the packaging or can be confirmed with the storekeeper. Also, you want to mind your cords if they are too long. Cut, tape or roll them in a way that won’t be an obstacle when your guests or even you walk around.

James on DIYNetwork mentioned that turning off the lights at night is a smart move, although the temptation to leave them on and showing them off to your neighbors can be hard to resist.


Whether you are just putting them up, removing them or taking off a few broken bulbs, make sure you are wearing gloves all the time. Even if you leave your outlet off, you never know if someone else not knowingly turns it on of if other electrical currents are flowing.

The lights

There are a lot of choices of holiday lights you can get from small cute bulbs to net bulbs! Discover the types here and also gain tips on installing them!

Light Bulbs

There are a lot of light bulbs out there with various sizes, colors and contrasts for various holiday purposes. Check out Christmas Lights Etc for a long list and where you can use them! C7 and C9 are two most used types of light bulbs to hang on your veranda and patio. C9 is bigger in size and is more visible if used on the roof. Be sure to check that the bulbs work before putting them up.

Icicle Lights

Icicle is probably my most favorite type of roof lights you can put up on your own. Whether long or short, these lights are random, yet mesmerizing when lit up at night, like fireflies hovering around your house. Icicle lights come in various colors; some mixed others in single colors. Incandescent color is my favorite.

Shimmer spheres

Absolutely beautiful, splendidly amazing. Shimmer spheres are like balls of soft lights that create magical-like feel to your lot. They can be hung anywhere high like trees and rooftops.


As mentioned before, always get an outdoor use cord for your holiday lights. Before buying, decide how much of the cord you will use. When hanging, avoid trees that are in direct contact with power lines.

So, have you decided yet? I’m sure it can be a dilemma to choose what colors and bulbs you want to use this year because there are so many fabulous designs out there. No matter what kind of design you plan to use, make sure that safety is your priority. Oh, and don’t forget to check out Must Have Holiday Party Appliances post for your holiday party needs!

Bio: Danielle writes for Roofing is an essential part of everyone’s home and there’s no better way to show it than with awesome holiday decor.

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