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Making The Most Out Of Your Living Room Space

Making The Most Out Of Your Living Room Space

It’s called smart interior designing. The idea of creating the illusion that your space is bigger than it actually is. Or, through making the most out of your current room by using space and furniture creatively.

With the tips and advice outlined in this article, you don’t even need to have the designer’s eye. We are listing some of the top methods on maximising space so you don’t have to forgo your favourite furniture.

Simpler than you think, many of these methods are simple and involve little planning and investment. Looking to complete your current theme at home? You can find the best modern furniture Sydney retailers have to offer with great options online like Misura.

Until then, here’s some of the best ways you can make your space appear bigger:

Invest in multipurpose furniture

It’s not about what you have but how you use what you have that counts. Furniture that can take different forms is key in maximising space. For example, a footstool that can double as seating is a great way to give yourself more options. Or think about a sofa that pulls out as a convertible bed for when you have guests over.

Be clever visually

There are certain ways you can trick the eye in believing there is more space than there actually is. Not only are neutral shades for the walls a good way to do this but furnishing wise, try adding floor-to-ceiling curtains or mirrors placed in the right areas of the room.

Also, if you have wooden flooring use a rug to break up the furniture and the floor acting as a buffer between the two.

Make sure you need everything you have

This is no time to have needless items that don’t have much significance in your living room space. Instead, you only want to choose items that are functional and really fit into the room well. For instance, you want the most amount of practicality that uses up minimal space. So, smaller tables will be more efficient than one massive table in the middle of the living room.

Less is more

Think fewer items and furnishings. This way, you can create more space and the room will have a bigger feel.

Get on top of your storage

Choose the best storage items that use space effectively and limit clutter.

Keep the colours cohesive

The best way to decorate is to have consistent and continuous colour pallets throughout the rooms. Feel free to experiment with patterns and wallpapers but try and keep the colour combinations similar throughout.

These are just a few ways you can make the most out of your living room space. It takes a little planning and careful investment but it’s well worth it when you’re at ease in a bigger room.

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