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How to downsize when moving house

How to downsize when moving house

Do you dream of owning a smaller home but are unsure where to start? Perhaps the idea of throwing away years of possessions, your kids’ old baby toys and even pictures and postcards fills you with dread? As more and more homeowners are looking to relocate to smaller sized properties, do you feel like your outdated tastes are making you lag behind? What if you could make those dreams a reality, and even sooner than you think?

Sure, it can be tough visiting and viewing smaller properties, but owning fewer possessions and having a good clear out should be seen as a positive, rather than a step back. In fact, as furniture designers and architects begin to create designs to meet with this small property trend, chances are you will be amazed by the range of stylish petite options open to you. Don’t be overwhelmed if you are trying to downsize, and read on to find out which factors you should keep in mind before making any concrete decisions.

Why are you downsizing?

Have your kids all flown the nest and you don’t need the space? Perhaps you are thinking of retiring and want to explore smaller, simpler options that will keep you safe and warm in old age? Write a list of why you are looking to downsize and keep this to hand when viewing real estate options. By doing so, you have a constant reminder as to why you’re moving house.

Also, don’t feel pressurized into buying either. As you’re downsizing and losing space you’re used to, you want to ensure the home to no less than perfect. Plus, with a huge range of rental options available on the market, you don’t have to fully commit to a neighborhood or house.

Explore housing options

Small does not necessarily mean cramped, unfashionable or dated. In fact, many people nowadays prefer to have a home cozy to their needs than one that is too big and costs a lot of heat. You should also consider apartments if you no longer require a house. If you are, for example, moving to Boston and like to lead a more minimal lifestyle, studio apartments in Boston can offer you space and style.

When viewing houses and apartments, do be open-minded. There is a diverse array of property to consider; therefore, do not limit your choices.

Enjoy your smaller space

‘Small’ does not have to be bad. In fact, it can be mentally beneficial and more homely and welcoming, an atmosphere that can be lost in houses too big for the homeowner. A smaller home does, however, mean you need to keep on top of the cleaning and decorating more – for example, ensure you do not have too many possessions out and about that can clutter up your space. Instead, you should think of your new apartment or house as a fresh start.

Before moving, be ruthless with your belongings, selling or binning anything you no longer use, like or need. By cleaning your house before the move, you won’t feel pressured to find a place for every possession in your new home, and you’ll make the process of moving easier.

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