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Perfecting Your Place – A Guide to Property Styling

Perfecting Your Place - A Guide to Property Styling

There’s a reason you impulsively sigh when you enter a hotel room, or lay your eyes on a home within the glossy pages of a home magazine. Styling emcompasses all the elements that promote blanace and appeal, and are most effective when utilized on your own property. If property styling is something you have long lusted over, but haven’t seemed to take the leap, here’s a guide to what you can expect to achieve and the process that will get you there.

Property selling

Property styling in Melbourne is a road many go down when they are preparing their home for sale. Not only does styling produce great photos for your property sale listing, it also delivers that impact that you need when potential buyers walk through your door in search of their next home. You want your property to look its absolute best, so that the applicants can imagine their future there and be inspired by how they interact with the home. An untidy home that hasn’t been styled since you first moved in will not turn heads, and may draw out the sale process. Selling your home can be a stressful time, as there are always so many balls in the air. The beauty of contracting a property stylist is that they will manage the project end to end, all you need to tell them is when they can start and when to pack down. They will finesse the details and create the magic from there.

So, how does it work?

When you decide to pursue property styling, compile a shortlist of providers that you believe would be able to execute the job. Choose a styling company local to your city, and one with great reviews and testimonials from happy clients. From there, you will have a free consultation where you can discuss the scope of work and time frames, then walk away with an obligation-free quote of the job. The cost will include the stylists’ time, furniture hire for the time duration, setting up and removing the styling. Often it will also include an industrial clean prior to styling. While previous styling work and photography will give you an idea of the calibre of work they can produce, your stylist will create an entirely new concept for your home so that it highlights the unique features and structures of your home. Styling does not work on a one size fits all model – far from it.

What if I am not selling?

While preparing homes for sale is a huge growth area for stylists, it’s not necessarily their bread and butter. Many residential and commercial clients will deploy the services of a stylist, valuing beautiful surroundings and a crisp environment. These stylists, or interior designers, will work with clients who are rolling out an entire renovation, adding a room or level, or simply wanting to start fresh with something new. The process works around understanding the style and personality of the homeowner or company, and leveraging that look while staying true to the unique structure of the home. There is a wide spectrum of what a stylist can do for your home or company, so book a free consultation to decide upon a strategy that will benefit your property.

Some jobs? Simply should be left in the hands of those who know best, and that is always a property stylist. With decades of experience across all styles of homes, your property will be in the greatest position to sell for the price you had dreamed of. It’s also an option worth exploring if you are not wanting to sell, but simply looking to embellish the atmosphere that you live or work within.

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