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4 ways to make your small bedroom much bigger

4 ways to make your small bedroom much bigger

Particularly in modern homes, one of the big problems is that “small” bedroom. A housing developer might class a home as a three-bedroom property, but in reality it’s only capable of fitting in two double beds.

It means, particularly as the kids get older, that someone is going to become unhappy. Unless you are planning an extension, or knocking through walls to physically create space, this problem is going to forever exist. What you can do is manipulate the space with a few tricks of the eye though; which can effectively make a bedroom look larger than it really is.

Fortunately, such steps don’t cost the earth to implement, but can make the world of difference to that so-called small bedroom.

Manipulate light to your advantage with mirrors

A pattern that will become clear through the course of today’s post is that natural light can be your best friend (or your worst enemy, if you use it incorrectly). In short, the more light that filters through your room, the more open it becomes. Then, if you can bounce it off mirrors that are strategically placed opposite all of the sources of light, the effect can be beyond belief. To cut a long story short, it suddenly looks a whole lot bigger.

Take advantage of floor lamps

It might seem rather specific, but floor lamps can also be your best friend. For example, if we were to hone in on these Pagazzi floor lamps, these immediately draw the eye upwards. This is another one of those suggestions that simply tricks the eye and makes it seem as though the space is larger than it really is. As you are bringing the eye to a level which it might not be used to in a bedroom, it’s something that works surprisingly well.

The power of legs (on furniture)

It sounds bizarre, but simply opting for furniture which has legs can also give you a huge helping hand as well.

Something that can immediate shout out “big room” is a lot of floor space. Ultimately, if you have furniture with legs, this immediately gives that impression. Not only that, but it tackles the issue of making your furniture a little taller, which is what we covered in the last point.

Stay in proportion

Finally, we really can’t emphasize the importance of making everything stay in proportion. For those of you who have your heart set on a king-sized bed, this can be a bit of a problem. After all, surrounding your huge bed with tiny bedside cabinets is just going to scream that your room isn’t really big enough to fit all of your furniture.

If are insistent on keeping your king size bed, at least make compromises with your other furniture. In other words, this might mean keeping just one bedside cabinet, which can at least guarantee that everything in your room is in proportion and the size of it is not overly emphasized.

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