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Gourmet Salted Ice Cream Recipes You NEED To Try

Gourmet Salted Ice Cream Recipes You NEED To Try

Summer’s over this year, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip on your favorite hot weather treats! Fall brings a bevy of sultry flavors like maple, cinnamon, pumpkin, and apple to experiment with. But what about classic sea salt?

Ice cream typically has a teeny bit of salt in it to enhance the sweetness, but fall is simply made for custard-y baked ice cream batters accented with salty goodness. Never made a cooked ice cream batter before? It’s easier than it sounds, and you end up with a smooth, flavorful batch of ice cream that is often best served slightly soft.

If you or someone you know has ever played the popular video game franchise “Kingdom Hearts”, you’ll know about the game’s iconic pale blue-green sea salt ice cream. While vanilla remains the most popular ice cream flavor among around 28% of worldwide ice cream consumers, this recipe is a unique twist on the simple flavor. An intriguing treat that symbolizes the end of summer and lasting friendships in-game, many real-life imaginings of this recipe have been created, and they’re pretty darn tasty. Try this one from user Kurada on Genius Kitchen.

Want something a little more sophisticated? Instead of vanilla, this recipe uses extra virgin olive oil and pink Himalayan sea salt! Like with the “Kingdom Hearts” sea salt ice cream, this recipe starts out with a custard-like base, with olive oil and sea salt lightly mixed in. The goal was to create an ultra-unique taste with a healthy twist. Olive oil is a key ingredient in heart-nourishing Mediterranean recipes. Pink Himalayan sea salt isn’t just trendy and pretty to look at, it’s also rich in over 84 minerals that are essential to our diet, such as magnesium, iron, potassium, and calcium.

Not feeling adventurous enough for olive oil ice cream? How about a classic coffee taste with a twist? This recipe actually calls for medium coffee grounds in the simmered base, giving it authentic cup-o-joe scent and flavor. That means it can be as fancy as you want — specialty coffee ice cream, anyone? There is sea salt in the actual mixture, but the recipe also suggests sprinkling a little coarse sea salt on a scoop as a pretty, textural garnish. Serve with a small cup of espresso to really make an impression on guests.

Hungry yet? These recipes are all surprisingly simple once you are confident with the custard creation phase, so get cookin’!

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