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9 Amazing Gifts for Your Child’s Birthday To Add Meaning To His Life

9 Amazing Gifts for Your Child’s Birthday To Add Meaning To His Life

Your kid’s birthday is around the corner and you are worried about getting the perfect gift for your child? Has he started the countdown already and inquires every now and then about the birthday gift? This year, stay away from usual toys and crayons and add something meaningful to his life.

This birthday, give your child a gift that gives him a sweet memory for life. Take a look at these thoughtful gift ideas that you can use to get a gift for your child’s birthday. Read on:


One thing that you should start teaching your child is saving money and using it in the best possible way. There is no better means to teach this habit than the amazing game of monopoly. With monopoly your child will learn to keep cash with himself and spend it only when it is necessary.


English is universal and an indispensable language to learn. The only way to improve the language is by understanding and improving the vocabulary.. Get your child the scrabble board game so that he learns new words everyday and who knows, tomorrow your child might become a writer.


Gift your child a small plant and take his promise that he will take utmost care of the plant to make it grow into a tree someday. This will give your child a sense of responsibility and will also add something towards the society.


It is every child’s dream to own a pet. This birthday, get your child a real pet which might be a bird or a fish or even a puppy. This will light your child’s day and will also give him a best friend with whom he’ll share all of his secrets.

Spiderman Cake

Having a superhero themed cake is what every child desires for. This year, plan to get your kid’s birthday cake in the Spiderman design as the new Spiderman movie is in rage at the theaters along with the Avengers.

Bank Account

With the latest schemes of kids’ bank account available at almost all the banks, secure your child’s future and also give him a sense of responsibility by teaching him the art of saving money. Also, promise him that you will transfer a fixed amount every month into that account as your child’s pocket money and he can take it out once he is 18 years old.

Handmade Card

Make a DIY card for your child and write about how much you love him and what all you have planned for his life. Also, write about the most important lessons that your have learnt in all of your life. You might not be there always to guide him but your words of wisdom will always be there to show him the right path.

Personalized Puzzle

Make a personalised puzzle with the pictures of your family and tease the brain of your child, making him the Sherlock Holmes of tomorrow.

Your Time

If anything your child longs for is your time. Rather than giving anything materialistic to your child, this birthday, give yourself a promise that you will give as much time as possible to your child and will teach, play and even learn as much as you can.

Get these gifts to fill your child’s birthday with enjoyment and love and we bet he’ll be gifted with a pleasant memory to be cherished forever.

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