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Framed States Paper Craft DIY idea

Framed State Paper Craft DIY Idea
I love Pinterest, I’m pretty much addicted.  It’s brought out the crafty side of me that I had no idea existed!  I’ve made so many amazing things, learned so many tips, realized that I’ve wanted so many items, and have probably gained a few pounds along the way.  :)  One of the neatest things about Pinterest is how simple the ideas are that are posted.  Also, these ideas have room for you to personalize them to best fit your needs and likes.  The latest find was a Framed State.

I had seen certain maps that users would post and I thought they were so cute, however I felt like they could be revamped just a tad.  :)  So I decided to combine the map idea with the idea of an artsy street design; and I do have to admit, the two that I have done turned out rather nicely!!  :)  This is the example of the Chicago version that I have made.

I took a graphic program and made a “subway art” of various Chicago street names.  Then I cut out a map of Illinois in which I also traced it a little wider to outline it in a brighter color.  I used those nifty pop dots to give Illinois a 3D effect on top of the subway art.  The whole picture is framed inside a shadow box to give it an added depth that I think turned out pretty cute!  :)

I do know that the Cricut has a States cartridge that would probably make this craft much easier and simpler to accomplish.  You could also probably cut the state of Illinois out of an actual map, which would be pretty nifty!  I actually may have to try that idea on the next one I create!  :)

This is definitely an item that would make the perfect gift for someone who has everything!

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