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6 of the Best Tools for Your Parenting Instagram

6 of the Best Tools for Your Parenting Instagram

Are you a parent who wants other parents not to feel alone when it comes to raising children? Do you hope to connect with other people, bonding over the joys and challenges of bringing up young human beings in this world? Social media is an excellent place for parents to share tips, encouragement, activities, and more. Some people even make a brand out of it—but how do you connect with people, especially over Instagram, who are in the same boat as you? Instagram is a crowded place, so here are some tools to help you optimize your channel and reach other parents.


It’s skeevy to purchase fake likes, but if you want to have a follower base that encourages other Instagram users to engage with you, Likesocial can hook you up with a round of real likes first. When people see that other users like your content, they are more likely to assume that you are worth following. If you want to acquire more Instagram likes, why not start with a batch to get you started?


FameBit has a close relationship with YouTube, but you can still use it for Instagram and other social media sites. The platform enables you to find sponsorship opportunities and connect with other influencers to form partnerships. Maybe you can start a campaign together, or host a contest. Providing people incentive to follow you is invaluable to growing your audience, so teaming up with other social media personalities is, to internet users, sort of like a two-for-one deal. The two (or more) of you benefit from each other’s success.


The thing about running a parenting Instagram? You are also a parent. You do not have hours to spend coming up with post ideas, replying to comments, picking the right times to upload something new, sharing stories, and everything else you need to do to have a top-notch account. Your children probably don’t even stay still long enough for you to take a decent photo, so how do you optimize your channel?

Platforms like Grum allow you to schedule posts ahead of time. When the kids are in bed and you finally have a moment, you can create your posts at once and then trust that they will appear on your account when the time is right (preferably whenever your followers are most active).


Instagram is an image-heavy platform, so if your images are not up to par, what reason do people have to follow you? You can give excellent parenting advice, but people want intriguing things to look at. If you are not the best photographer (or even if you are), photo-editing apps like VSCO can help you edit your pictures into the best versions of themselves.

Sprout Social

Instagram offers its own insight tools, but if you want more, Sprout Social recently acquired the analytics firm Simply Measured. Do you want to track your content strategy, video views, engagement patterns, cross-channel analytics, and other aspects of your social media game all in one place? Do you want actionable insights that will give you guidelines with what steps to take next for augmenting your audience? There are a lot of parenting accounts out there, so if you are taking your Instagram seriously with a “brand” approach, then Sprout Social can help tell you where your weak and strong points are so that you can execute more informed campaigns and outreach.


Do you want to know a secret about amassing a large audience? Understand them. You will want to know their likes, dislikes, the times they log on, and other factors. Maybe your account appeals to parents with children of all ages, or perhaps only to those with young kids or teenagers. You cannot please everyone, so instead of spreading yourself too thin, the more practical route is to find a niche. When you do, you won’t waste time trying to reach people who have no interest in following you anyway.

One advantageous tool you can use is SocialRank. It’s an easy way to learn about your audience, organize, and “manage” them. This tool enables you to search through your followers based on location, bio keywords, and other factors, so you can gain insight into what kind of people find your account worth following. When you have a better understanding of who is drawn to you, you can find other like-minded individuals.


There are many social media accounts out there that focus on parenting, but there are tools available that can help you when it comes to tackling Instagram. Which tools will you leverage to optimize your account?

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