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Maximizing Your Aquarium by Devising an Aquaponic System

Maximizing Your Aquarium by Devising an Aquaponic System

Do you often feel optimistically good whenever you see an aquarium? If your answer is affirmative, you’re not alone in having this feeling. According to studies, keeping an aquarium inside your home is truly beneficial to your health. The sight of colorful fish darting inside it really calms the mind; it also reduces the stress level of a person. Moreover, these studies indicate that the sight of an aquarium filled with fish has a remarkable lowering effect on high blood pressure. Hence, if you want to live longer, you must start owning one and fill it with colorful fish of various kinds. Yet, it is not only the sight of the aquarium that brings in benefits of some sort. Even the fish waste materials (or fish poop) may also be beneficial — not to people, but to plants. Yes, you heard it right: plants are highly desirous of fish poop, and to use a farfetched word, I would glibly say that plants “lionize” that poop.

Plants Need Fish Poop and Refuse

The poop and urine of fish, (if ever those fish urinate) are badly needed by plants. Your plants want to gobble up your fish’s waste! Hence, if you can configure an ingenious system that would let the waste of your fish reach the roots of your plants, you would surely make your plants truly blessed. “Shush!”, you would say. Put please don’t argue with me at this point, for there is a science behind all these silly ideas. Let me explain it to you in the simplest manner that I can.

The poop of your fish contains ammonia—a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen that has the formula of NH3—which is commonly found in the nitrogenous waste of aquatic organisms like fish, of course.  Bacteria can convert this ammonia into nitrites, and eventually into nitrates. Plants yearn for nitrates since they use these nitrates to grow. Therefore, if you can manage to let the waste of your fish go to the roots of your plants, you can surely produce your own delicious healthy vegetables even in your own home. This eliminates your chance of eating vegetables that are contaminated by pesticides and other artificial fertilizers. And if you are ingenious enough to build such a system, you can call that system “aquaponics” for this is how this system is referred to.

In an aquaponic system, you simply need to feed your fish with food that is inexpensive. Afterwards, you would channel the water that contains the waste of your fish from your aquarium to the ground bed where your plants grow. Your aquaponic system may be elaborate or simple, but the mechanics behind every aquaponic system is very much the same.

Proximate Benefits of Growing Your Vegetables via Aquaponics

Setting up your fish tank is not the end goal in itself, and although it provides good feelings every time you see fish darting here and forth inside your aquarium, you should not stop at that. You can maximize the benefits afforded by your aquarium and fish by using the waste of your fish to grow your own vegetables and fruits. The produce of aquaponics is surely free of the vestiges and side-effects of pesticides and harmful fertilizers.

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