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10 Great DIY Wood Planter Projects to Try

Wood planters are inexpensive to make, and they look great both inside and outside your home. With just a few simple tools and a little instruction, anyone can make beautiful wood planters — and learn a bit about woodworking in the process.

This summer, customize your growing space with these 10 great DIY wood planter projects:

Three-Tiered Hanging Planter

If you’d like a pretty planter for your front porch, this three-tiered hanging planter is made from wood boards, rope and terra cotta pots. It is easy enough for even a novice woodworker to put together.

10 Great DIY Wood Planter Projects to Try

Vertical Vegetable Garden

When you’re limited on outdoor growing space, go vertical. This project allows you to create a vertical vegetable garden on one end of a patio or against a privacy fence. Not only is a vertical garden easy to maintain, but this planter adds visual interest to your outdoor space.

10 Great DIY Wood Planter Projects to Try

Bench Planter Box

This article details how the blogger went to a Home Depot project event and wound up building this beautiful bench planter for her front porch. The bench includes planter boxes on either end. The steps are laid out with clear pictures of how to complete this project.

10 Great DIY Wood Planter Projects to Try

Pallet Planter

This cute DIY pallet planter is very simple to complete. You simply stain a wood pallet, turn it on its side and add terra cotta-looking pots to the front. You’ll need to purchase small plastic, terra cotta-colored pots — real terra cotta would be too heavy for this project. The finished project can be used to add a pop of color to a front porch or walkway.

10 Great DIY Wood Planter Projects to Try

Raised Patio Planter

Do you need a bit of privacy on your back patio? A couple of these raised patio planters with tall plants will do the trick while also adding interest to the space. Stain them to match the outside of your home. You could also add lighting underneath for a more sophisticated look.

10 Great DIY Wood Planter Projects to Try

Fruit Planter Box

You probably would love to have access to your own berries. However, strawberry plants and blackberry bushes can quickly grow out of control if left on their own. These fruit planter boxes are made from materials you can pick up at any lumber supplier and they easily contain berries in an organized space.

10 Great DIY Wood Planter Projects to Try

Planter Box Ladder

Want to add a pop of color to your home and create a planter at the same time. This ladder planter is simple to put together and gives you a hierarchy of plant options. You can add colorful flowers or use it as an herb planter. Paint it red as pictured, or use a sunny yellow to draw attention.

10 Great DIY Wood Planter Projects to Try

Cascading Wooden Planter Box

This cascading wooden planter box is perfect for wave petunias or plants that like to cascade. It is made out of pallet slats and a few additional parts to bring it all together. You’ll also need a drill to open up the holes and allow the plants to cascade over the sides. Once the plants start to fill in, the planter is practically covered with greenery and blooms.

10 Great DIY Wood Planter Projects to Try

Cedar Planter Box with Street Address

This cute little cedar planter looks perfect next to a front door. Add your street address for a whimsical touch and to help people find your house more easily. The box is made out of fence material, cut into 16″ and 22″ pieces.

10 Great DIY Wood Planter Projects to Try

Simple Outdoor Wooden Planter

Perhaps you just want some simple, square wooden planters to place on your back patio or a corner of your garden. This video details how to put together a wooden planter with materials you can pick up at your local hardware store. Stain the finished planter to seal it from outside elements and you should be able to use it for a number of years.

10 Great DIY Wood Planter Projects to Try

DIY Wood Planter Projects

These 10 wood planter projects are a great place to start for building your own planters. Once you get a feel for how a planter is put together, draw up some plans of your own and start making more creative planters that perfect fit the landscaping around your own home.


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