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How to Make a Cappuccino, without a Cappuccino Maker

How to Make a Cappuccino, without a Cappuccino Maker

It’s me again, the coffee addict.  :)  You all know very well how much I love my coffee.  Well I’m back again to tell you how easy it is to make a cappuccino without one of those fancy schmancy cappuccino machines.  :)  I used to have one of those expensive machines, but while they’re really nice and easy to use, you really don’t need to spend the money.

Ever hear of something called an Electric Frother?  It’s pretty much my favorite toy…ever.  When you combine this with your French Press, you have one amazing drink!

French Press and Milk Frother Cappuccino

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Using my Electric Kettle, I boil about 8-10 oz of water.


While the water is boiling, place about 2 scoops (2 tbsp) of coffee into the press.


I also prepare my coffee cup by pouring in about 1 tbsp of flavored syrup (set aside).


When the water is fully boiling, I turn off the kettle and add the water to my press.


Do be careful when the water is going into the press because it does tend to splash slightly.


With a plastic spoon (ONLY a plastic spoon) and stir up the grounds; remove the spoon, wipe it off, and sit spoon aside.


Next, prepare your Electric Frother with about 1/4 c of 2% milk.


Turn the Electric Frother on; when it's done, gently press down on the press' plunger.


This will push the grounds to the bottom, straining your coffee.


Slowly pour the coffee into your cup with the flavored syrup.


Then remove the lid of the Electric Frother and gently pour the milk into your cup; be sure to scrap out all of the frothed milk with your plastic spoon you used earlier.


Then take your spoon and gently mix your drink making sure to mix in the syrup that may be sitting on the bottom of your cup.

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