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Tips on How to Amp Up Your 4×4

How to Amp Up Your 4x4

Male truck-owners all over the world may feel that their four-wheel drive is their pride and joy, so they spend much time, effort, and money styling their vehicle. For them, their set of wheels is not just a thing of beauty, but a representation of their personality, and a way to flex their muscles. Some would even use their truck to attract the opposite sex, and if you are one of these men, there are stylish and sexy accessories to help you out in making your truck a proposition women would find hard to say no to. Here are some ideas to inject a little sex appeal into your off-road vehicle.


Give The Sound System Some Boost.

Quality in-car sound systems combined with floor-level small LED lights create a warm and comfortable mood. With the amplifier, the light will pulse to the beat. Don’t hesitate to add in some DVD capabilities and some multiple screens. With your state of the art in-car entertainment, your modern woman would love to be seated next to you in your impressive ride.

Pick The Best LED Light Bars.

While they say that the clothes make the man, in some cases, it’s the cars that says much about a man’s personality. And just like in dressing up and selecting the right necktie, take some time choosing the lighting for your truck. Just like ties, LED units come in different shapes and sizes; there’s something for every taste. There is a wide range of 4×4 LED light bars for sale Browse through extensive online catalogues that offer lower than retail prices. Online shopping will not only save you time and money. An online supplier would also stock a wide range of models of light bars and many other great of-read and camping accessories.

Get Yourself Some Understated Underside Lighting.

Having a couple of two-metre deep, fluorescent blue LED strips to the underside of each side of the vehicle would be a big hit among women. Make sure the LED strips are not visible. This will create a soft, sensual hue under your truck. There is a wide range of colours you can choose from, and when driving on an unlit road, these lights can make your four-wheel drive look like a moving UFO. Just get those rolls of LED strips and simply peel off the heavy-duty adhesive on one side of the strips and stick them on your truck firmly.

Make Those Spotlights Ooze With Style.

Up your truck’s appeal by placing a row of spotlights on the front bar. Consider adding even 3 or 4 rows of spotlights on the roll bar to give you great visibility, especially when you take your woman to an amazing view. Albeit LED lights would probably cost you a little more than the halogen version, they are resistant to vibration and are very durable. They last long and would even use very little energy.


Owning a truck, in itself, is already a plus. Women find a man who climbs up and into a big truck to be sexually appealing as it showcases his masculinity, indicating his preference for practicality and reckless abandon. Follow the tips mentioned, and with just a small budget, the right online four-wheel drive accessories supplier, and some creativity, your off-road vehicle will transform into an impressive proposition that gets her motor running.


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