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The Best Renovations to Make to Transform Your Home

The Best Renovations to Make to Transform Your Home
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Renovating your home can be as fast and cost-effective as switching out doorknobs or as expensive and laborious as gutting your kitchen. So long as the renovation decisions you make are both great for your lifestyle and for the value of your home, the effort is well worth it, but how do you know your renovation project makes the cut? What separates a wasteful or bad renovation from a great one?

To help you make smart renovation decisions in the future, try to start with these top suggestions.

For Function

To improve how you live you must improve your home’s function. These top changes will make your home work better, for less:

The Windows

Double glazed windows are an absolute must to keep your home dry, warm, and looking great.

Your Appliances

Old appliances that are starting to lose their efficiency are not only huge energy-eaters, they can also be dangerous. Upgrade them to energy-efficient models instead.

Your Water Pressure

Though improving your water pressure won’t necessarily lower your utility costs, it will make living in your home that much nicer.

For Aesthetic

Never underestimate how important the aesthetic of your home is. You live in it, after all, and how you feel when you are inside can help you either lead a great life or be uncomfortable day in and day out. The top simple renovations you should make to immediately improve your home include:

The Floors

Flooring can immediately make a home look so much grander or more comfortable. There are also a variety of floor types to choose from. Splurge on hardwood, or opt for a lookalike tile or vinyl if you are on more of a budget. All these options can be found online on sites like this flooring Charleston SC company, so all you need to do is peruse their stock and give them a call for a quote.

The Fixtures

Door knobs, lights, and taps can all easily be switched out and to an immediate improvement on the overall aesthetic of your home.

The Crown Molding

Ornate crown molding isn’t for everyone, but the trimmings of a room can still make or break a room. Not having them, for example, can make a room look unfinished. Or, alternatively, you can make a room look absolutely transformed by painting the trimming along your floors and doors.

Which Rooms Give You the Most Value Back?

If you do want to renovate an entire room, wait. Big renovations take a lot of time complete and can be very expensive, so you want to make sure in advance you are choosing the right designs for your home. Renovations should also be in line with the property’s worth. An exceptional expensive kitchen, for example, will only add so much value to a property. With that in mind, it is also important to note that these three areas will give you the most value back:

  1. The Kitchen
  2. The Bathrooms
  3. Add a Bedroom

Adding extra footage to your property is always going to add the most value, but upgrading the kitchen and bathrooms can also increase the value of your home. Combine these big upgrades with the smaller updates mentioned above, and you will have a beautiful, upgraded home in no time.

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