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What To Consider: Adding a Bathroom To Your Basement

What To Consider: Adding a Bathroom To Your Basement

Adding a bathroom in your basement is an essential home improvement project that you must never take for granted. Yet, building such in your underground space is something that requires more time, money and effort.

But on one hand, it can make your home life a little easier as well as improve your property’s value in the long run. Also, remember that having a bathroom in your basement enables you to enjoy the space without needing to climb up the stairs just because the nature calls.

So if you’re into the plan of adding a bathroom to your underground space, here’s what you need to consider from the beginning.


First of all, you can’t fully take advantage of your basement improvements without looking at your designs.

  • Maybe, you want to build a bathroom in a location near to your plumbing and electrical wirings. It would be a good thing to do especially if you’re looking for the construction in a cost-effective manner.
  • Another consideration would be the type of bathroom you plan to add to your basement. Do you want to install shower or tub in it? Or do you only want sinks to be included? Since basements aren’t usually spacious, it would still be better if you choose a bathroom design that suits your space.
  • Whatever design you like for your basement bathroom, first things first is to get in touch with your local building inspector. This is because speaking to them can help ensure your full compliance with your state’s building codes and ordinances.


Ideally, lighting is an important factor of a bathroom. It gives extra comfort especially when you’re doing your personal thing.

  • However, you’ll certainly face challenges if you think of building a bathroom to your basement. Considering the scarcity of light in the area, you would end up having light problems later on.
  • So take the opportunity to have your bathroom built in an area where light could naturally come in. Furthermore, you can also get the most out from using bright ceiling lights for your bathroom area.

What To Consider: Adding a Bathroom To Your Basement


Utilizing your basement spaces for a bathroom requires thorough planning. Apart from the designs and lighting considerations, your drainage should always be on top of your priority.

  • When it comes to how to plumb a basement bathroom, the contractor usually raise plumbing depth and pipe size as your two main concerns. This means if your current plumbing drain is deep enough, construction of your bathroom would be much easier and faster. If it’s otherwise, then you may need to expand your space for the drains.
  • Moreover, if you have smaller pipes in place, you’ll surely hire a plumber to install larger pipes for your basement drains.
  • For more information about your plumbing works, you can tap your local public works department to find out the standards required for the structure.

Additional Considerations

 After you’ve planned out everything about your basement construction, you can then proceed to one of the most interesting considerations like selecting out toilets, sinks, paints, showers, cleaners and many more.

However, make sure that all your choices are suitable to your bathroom’s design or style. That way, you’re also giving your basement bathroom a more personal touch just like any other parts of your home.

The Bottom Line

Adding a bathroom to your basement is never easy, even for a home improvement expert. With all the things to keep in mind, it’s undeniably a complex task requiring so much of your resources.

And when you overlook any of the aspects, you’ll end up having an expensive mess to fix later on. But with the tips mentioned above, your basement bathroom will stand out as comfy as your main bathroom.

If you’re looking forward to having a bathroom in your underground space, you can contact several professional plumbers like Plumbers Long Beach who can help with your plumbing needs.

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